Ondo set to inaugurate world’s best conference tourism Dome


The Ondo State government is setting another   pace in the history of conference tourism service industry in the world as it set to inaugurate a triple Dome conference is tourism centre in Akure, Ondo State.

The DOME which is located along Igbatoro Road, on a 33000 hectares of land which also encompasses an international Conference Centre a few metres to the Akure Shopping Centre which harbours the Shoprite Mall and other socio –entertainment centres.

The Ondo State DOME is not only unique in concept, but carved a spectacular distinguishing architectural pattern in the part of the world.

The  Dome is a three-wing affair linked by tunnels with capacity  of  3000 in all. Each  Dome is set to tell different story and serve distinct purposes with all facilities and lighting procured from the best manufacturers in Europe with  21st Century sound and light  global standard complaint.

The acoustic configurations of the Dome is automated to oscillate with the rhythm and vibration of the sound billowing out of the instruments in use to produce harmonious music and speech.

According to Adetokunbo Modupe, President Dream the company which facilitated the Dome into fruition “There are many Domes in the world. Even in Nigeria, we have Domes, but the one in Akure, is not only unique both in concept and structure, but in themes. It is three Domes in one, each can hold different event at the same time while there is room for interface if necessary and desired.”

Modupe revealed “It is not a Dome built for today. No. The Governor of Ondo state, Dr Olusegun Mimiko specifically mandated that every item, every fitting, every fixture, every article of construction must be sustainable and intergenerational. This is why we have paid attention to details not minding the time frame, it is about integrity. It is about competence and it is about responsibility. All these were of paramount consideration for installation and construction. Thus, I can with all confidence, audacity, sincerity of purpose and modesty tell the world that this Dome is one of the best in the world.”

He said “As you can see, the basement is another world on its own. This portioning is for multipurpose, gallery, show rooms, night club, function centres and meeting points for intellectual discourse.”

Modupe pointed out “the Dome is symbolic. Its design and architectural concept is telling a story. Every part of the Dome is significant. This will be exposed on the day of inauguration. What we are doing now is proof checking.  We are not leaving any stone unturned. There is no room for any glitches. It will be delivered wholesale, in excellent condition and optimum state of efficiency.”

He pointed out  ‘This singular    effort of Dr Mimiko at planting this monumental project in Ondo State could be likened to a man who has constructed money making machine. This is because the Dome apart from being tourism friendly.

The Dome and the International Conference Centre will boost the economy of Ondo State and empower thousands of the indigenes.

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