Legbegbe has nothing to do with Seun Egbegbe —Mr Real

These are good times for Mr Real also known as Legbegbe. From the moment he released that hit track, Legbegbe, the story of his life changed for good. The song, apart from being an anthem of sort of among many Nigerian youths, it has also taken the singer to a new level. Days back, Mr Real spoke with SEGUN ADEBAYO about his rise to fame the inspiration behind his monster hit song.


You have become the new bride in the music industry with the success of your hit single, Legbegbe. How do you feel at this moment?

I feel very good. The feeling is amazing and I am enjoying the positive vibes coming to me from my fans. The fact is that nothing has really changed about me because my life has been good from the begining till now. The feeling, like I said, is simply amazing.

From the moment you released the song, your name has been on the lips of many Nigerians…There is a saying that I love to qoute always, whcih is, Live life, love life. I am living my life very well and I am enjoying the moment. This is not something one can really explain but we just have to live the life and be thankful for God’s grace, That’s what I am currently doing.


Some people believe the song became a hit because of the beat; others claim it was the lyrics and time. What do you think was truly responsible for its success?

Many people have adduced the success of the song to different things and I am still wondering how they arrived at the conclusion. For me, everything about the song is good. From the lyrics to the beat and even the arrangement, it has been an amazing ride. I am glad that people welcomed the song with an open arm and I am grateful for the love.


You have been on different stages performing the song to people, did you ever think the song could be this popular?

No one could ever thought a song would be popular when they are composing. You just do your thing and hope that it returns with success, which was not different from what I did with Legbegbe. So, there was never a time that I thought the song would be this popular. I feel great about the success the song has recorded in less than a year, it is a pointer to the fact that something bigger is still coming my way.


This is not the first time a song would become a hit but some only last for a few months before only fade out, how are you making this moment count?

The plan is to continue to release great songs, as I hope to hear positive responses from the people. The secret is to keep releasing songs. I won’t back down and would not relent on my oars. I am working on new songs and I promise not to let my fans down.


Some people feared you might be a one-hit musician like a few others before you, are you not worried?

Worried about what? The only thing I am concerned about is my music. I want to keep the momemtum going. Those who feared I might be a one-hit musician should wait; they should keep their fingers crossed.


Will you be able to beat your record if you should release another song today?

By his grace; it is not by anybody is power? God has the final blessing.

You mentioned his name several times in the song, has the song got anything to do with Seun Egbegbe?

No. The song has nothing to do with him.


So what’s the inspiration behind Legbegbe?

The song wasn’t something I planned. I was actually about to have my lunch the day the vibe came. I am a producer, I produced the song myself.


People rated your performance at the last edition of Headies awards as the best, are you surprised at your fast rise to fame?

My job is to entertain the people when I get the opportunity to get on stage. I believe I did my best. It is left to the people to say who was the best performed ariste that night. I did my best and I am glad people appreciated it. Thanks to Alternate Sound’s live Band and shoutout to Kaffy for the dance steps.


You were nominated in one of the categories but you didn’t win, does this mean you didn’t do well?

For me, everybody is a winner and I believe what is yours is yours. Maybe it wa not mine this year; it might be mine next year.


What has changed about you after Legbegbe?

My teeming fans should expect more good music. I am still the same Mr Real. Nothing has changed; nothing will never change.


You are from Anambra State but you are now conquering Lagos, how do you feel?

I feel good to be here and I am even proud of how far I have come because the journey to this level was not easy. It feels good. Though I was born and bred in Lagos, everywhere is home for everyone who works hard to make a living.


How did your music career start?

Music started for me as a kid.

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