Buhari’s vacation not extended — Presidency

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President Buhari

The Presidency has debunked the rumoured extension of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 10-working-day vacation in London.

The Presidency, had, on Tuesday night made a statement via its Twitter handle, @NGRPresident, where it noted that a story published by Tribune Online, on February 5, 2017, “is currently being mischievously circulated on social media platforms, to create the impression that it’s related to the President’s current vacation.”

The President has, however, said the public should “kindly take note of the date, 2017.

“The President has NOT extended his ongoing 10-Working-Days vacation,” the Presidency said.

Editor’s note:

As rightly noted by the Presidency, the story was “mischievously circulated” for a reason best known to its masterminds, it did not emanate from any of Tribune platforms.

It only came up on our platforms on February 5, 2017, the same day it was published on other Nigerian print and online media, and thereafter, it got expired into our archives.


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  1. Tony Okey says

    Bad news

  2. Dickson Raymond says

    Bad News

  3. Oluyinka Adeoye says

    Who cares?

  4. Afunwa Okwuchukwu says

    Please did fulani herdsmen travelled with Buhari to London? Just asking because since Buhari travelled to London we no longer hear about fulani killing here and there and even miyetti allah no long demand land from people

  5. Samuel Harrison says

    Abi ooo,

  6. Mercy Ahmed says

    Please, u people should try and extend it for one month.

  7. Olubode Waheed Osuolale says

    Not Fulani’s is your brother

  8. Osunlalu Abiodun says

    Bad news

  9. Afunwa Okwuchukwu says

    Oluboda are you high?

  10. Henry Emonena says

    …it abated after rumours of defections and defections. May be we need many more of such rumours and defections to shift the focus as a way of paying less attention to their activities to discourage them.

  11. Momoh Yunusa says

    afunwa useless pig. the killing stopped when those useless politicians started defecting before went for his vacation last week. you dont remember that but you only know buhari’s own. frustrated igbos

  12. Caliante Silverado says

    Very bad news?

  13. Sampson Obinna Jeffrey says

    Please extend it.. please

  14. Afunwa Okwuchukwu says

    Momoh imbecile, Buhari knows everything about the killing, Buhari is in support of killers(miyetti allah

  15. Amara Obilo says

    Let him remain there till 2023 .

  16. Momoh Yunusa says

    afunwa. unverified baboon…. you are just saying this out of frustration. remain hopeless

  17. Umar Desun says

    Thank god!! welcome baba

  18. Afunwa Okwuchukwu says

    Momoh fool may miyetti Allah visit you tonigh

  19. Atomrimam Fupsin says

    Oh no no no no. Not again!

  20. Adeyinka Yusuf Salisu says

    Chai! Make rat enter office again so that osibanjo go finish his Job

  21. Ifeanyi Madunagu says

    How long shall this Fulani terrorist government last with their army of terror

  22. Momoh Yunusa says

    afunwa. worthless hamlet tout that knows nothing than hatred. you and your generation shall suffer from hatred forever. worthless pig with bend legs

  23. Abubakar Lawal Musa says

    Buhari+Osinbajo till 2023

  24. Afunwa Okwuchukwu says

    Momoh imbecile yunusa great Fool, sentiment will kill you

  25. Mohammed Isyaku says

    Welcome back cwe missed you Baba. While you are on vacation in London we defeated your enemies in Bauchi, Katsina and Kogi

  26. Godwin David says

    Jejune news!

  27. Abubakar Lawal Musa says

    Said Buhari, Buhari+Osinbajo till 2023

  28. Patho Charles says

    So why hasn’t President resumed back to his duty post the 10 days is over now

  29. Kingsley Nwajiugo says

    OK stay on

  30. Momoh Yunusa says

    afunwa. stack illiterate like you is not supposed to be here because you are a nuisance. must you use imbecile always dont you know another word apart from imbecile. son of a bemused palm wine tapper from a bemused language igbo. remain brain dead

  31. Momoh Yunusa says

    afunwa. stack illiterate like you is not supposed to be here because you are a nuisance. must you use imbecile always dont you know another word apart from imbecile. son of a bemused palm wine tapper from a bemused language igbo. remain brain dead

  32. Momoh Yunusa says

    buhari is a Messiah to Nigerian. he is accomplishing his manifesto

  33. Ifeanyi Madunagu says

    where lies Mohammed and his Fulani terrorist group??

  34. Momoh Yunusa says

    afunwa… buhari is a nightmare to you igbos because most of you are criminal . your green eyes like mangrove forest bat. Sai baba buhari till 2023

  35. David Oyetunji says

    We miss u sai baba

  36. Akhimie Godwin says

    Even before he travelled, there hasn’t been any news about them because the sponsors are busy defecting and campaigning round for PDpigs ticket. Biafrauds are stupid.

  37. Akhimie Godwin says


  38. Joshua Ojile says

    Why na

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