Saraki has been nursing presidential ambition since 2011 ― Baraje

BarajeFORMER leader of the Reformed All Progressives Congress (R-APC), Alhaji Kawu Baraje has said that declaration of presidential ambition of the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, is long overdue, adding that it is also proper.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin on Thursday at the sideline of the graduation ceremony of the Baraje Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Alhaji Baraje, said that Saraki had been trying his luck on being the nation’s president since 2011.

“As a reminder, Senate President, Bukola Saraki has been trying his luck on being the president of this country since 2011. He withdrew for the then-candidate Goodluck Jonathan. In 2015, he also withdrew for the present President Muhammadu Buhari. So, for somebody who has been nursing that kind of ambition, is it not right for such a person to come forward again?

“This present president came forward for four times before clinching it. Did anybody ask whether he was right or wrong? Totally, I am in his support. Whatever Nigeria is looking for is in him and what we are looking for is only a candidate that will unite Nigeria. Because the current situation in the country, Nigeria is further divided and unless we get a candidate that will unite Nigeria, it is going to be a very serious jeopardy for this country.

“He has the right. The fact that he is the Senate President does not stop him from aspiring to become the president. Constitutionally, of course, I have not seen that a Senate President cannot aspire to become president. Being one of the strong supporters of the Senate President, this is the time I will show the entire world that I am solidly behind him. We have been supporting others, this is the time to support our own.”

Also speaking on the planned impeachment of Saraki, Baraje argued that it is two-thirds of the entire 109 senators that can effect impeachment, and not two third of the senators that are present on the day of any planned impeachment.

“I am not a senator, but I am a party leader and a politician. As a politician, you don’t just sit down without educating yourself. I have read the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Whenever there is any controversy about any issue I read the constitution. I have gone through the relevant sections particularly on the issue of impeachment. The constitution makes me understand that only the senators can elect their president
and also the senators can impeach their senators. The constitution also stipulates the offences he has committed for impeachment. Having
seen the offences committed they will go into votes.

Two third of the entire 109 senators not two third of the senators that are present on the day of the impeachment. It is because of the background of some us that we do not talk too much. Because we believe that we should listen more rather than talking more.

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“There is a lot of respect in listening more. The fact that we listen more does not mean we do not know our rights. There are so many things being said on this issue of impeachment that is insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians particularly those of us that can read and right. It is most unfortunate that somebody will just come up to talk of impeachment as if we are in a banana republic. Some of us have experiences of leading political parties and if issues like these come up we know how to handle them. It needs a lot of patience, exposure, a lot of education and cool-headedness.

“It is not by Gestapo approach. In any case, the senators are making Nigerians realise through their body language that as far as they are concerned they are not ready to impeach their president. Any sensible leader should have understood that language that the senators are not going the way some people want to go; which is the way of causing confusion between the executive and the legislature. The present situation exists between the executive and the legislature was caused by some people who do not want the two arms to work together because they will never gain out of it.”

Alhaji Baraje also said that in a few days time he will return to his former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with his supporters officially.

He said that he would formally declare for the party in his own ward in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

“If I tell you where I belong now, I am telling you because you asked me, but my formal declaration is coming up in few days time at my own ward. It is being arranged by my people.

“That means where my leader goes is where l go. I belong to the party that has made me and a party that has given me in-road into the politics of this country. I belong to the PDP and I have gone to the PDP meeting at Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja some two months ago. There I made a statement that went viral and I think that was very indicative of where I belong. In very a few days now you will hear I am in my ward declaring for PDP along with my supporters.”

  1. Osemwegie BJ Iyobosa says

    True talk

  2. Gogo Bay says

    What makes him think he’s qualified for leading a nation with all hos evil records of corruption or he thinks itself kingship they are doing here?

  3. Innocent Omerue says

    Yes, is there anything wrong in nursing the ambition? Every human being have one thing or other to pursue.

  4. Olawale A Ojo says

    Now I know the meaning of that picture I used to see on social media. Where saraki was looking at Buhari like cat waiting to attack it owner.

  5. Ahmad Dangida says

    He shouldn’t have nursed it with arrogance. Nigeria is not Kwara

  6. Ikolo Ola says

    Good to nurse but l see no attributes of president in him as a youth that ruled a state for 8yrs without achievements in that state no youth empowerment program for this period but rather an opportunity to amass wealth. I’m sorry for this country

  7. Isiaku Hamman says

    Saraki doesn’t have what it takes to defeat pmb he is too small

  8. Isiaka Olasunkanmi Rasaq says

    Let Saraki be nursing ambition from womb we don’t care. All I know is that for the future generations to have a better Nigeria, Saraki won’t be our president. May Allah forbid it! No sensible Nigerian will pray that Saraki become our president. A’usubillahi min shari ma khalaq!

  9. Dan Dantanimu says

    You have said it all my brother

  10. Ldris Habib says

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  11. Ldris Habib says


  12. Odofin Olawale says

    If ungrateful dishonorable selfish senator Saraki nd his brainless zombie called Baraje think Nigerian’s are fool’s like their shameless brainless zombies followers in Kwara state.
    Nigerian’s will show them that two them level of stupidity came wit international certificate

  13. Adebayo Olaniyi says

    We are not stupid like Kwarans Abeg who cares… let him contest and see

  14. Olarewaju Oladipo says

    What is next is for saraki to regret the day he was born. He will end up like Samuel Doe.

  15. Abubakar Mohammed says

    Yes oh. Saraki’s complicit in the gruesome killings of 33 innocent Nigerians in offa banks robbery . we can’t afford to have such suspect as President. God forbid bad thing. He’s bad news

  16. Bukola Oguntola says

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  17. Jimoh Wasiu Olumide says

    So that he can mortgage the country the Kwara people was almost turned to beggar Baraje is most foolish man is that justifies frustrating the effort of executive no wahala let him come and test his popularity simple

  18. Abubakar Mohammed says

    Everything is wrong with saraki’s ambition. His political life is riddled with all kinds of criminal allegations. From crumbling of Generale society bank, swindling of Kwara state resources for 8 years, forging of Senate rules and the recent killings of 33 innocent Nigerians in offa banks robbery allegedly by his political thugs. All these weighty allegations are enough for him to morally jettison his dream of becoming president

  19. Wale Olatubosun says

    Thats not a lie. Was supposed to take over from Ya’aradua

  20. Abdulsalam Ismaila Omeiza says

    Why not Doctoring, he should present his achievements as governor of kwara state for the good 8years. Could this be the reason he is bn starring at PMB in a nasty way, wanted him dead by all means. Allah pass them

  21. Ahmad Yarima says

    Good to nurse, but there is no way Bukola will be president,bc Nigerians are watching him:::::

  22. Jamilu Yusuf says

    Looks like d guy failed

  23. Sa'ad Dembo says

    He should keep nursing it

  24. Dave Osas Osaretin says

    Even me, since my primary school, I’ve been wanting to be the president of Nigeria.who no like banana. Which politician does not aspire to be president? Let him cast the first stone

  25. Olamoju Kelvin Adetola says

    No wonder he had never been supportive to the administration of PMB, just because of his selfish ambition, God will punish all of them

  26. David Kenenna says

    Who do u wish to be the next president

  27. Muhammadu Baye Oladiplenty says

    Baba baraje koleweck

  28. Adeniran Akeem says

    By now we called him nursing father

  29. Nosa Nosakhare says

    Him shd 4get it

  30. Chikeleze Praise says

    What is wrong with that? Is he not a Nigerian? Is he not an adult? Is he not qualified educationally?

  31. Nwokeleme Dandison says

    Is it a crime?

  32. Peace Ichipi says

    Can he get it with what we have seen so far?

  33. Bode Ojo says

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  34. Femi Asefon says

    I wish him well

  35. Babs Infinity Adio says

    Over which country? God forbid!

  36. Sulaiman A Maleka Dass says

    So let him context Mr defectors

  37. Oluwole Adex Badru says

    Then, what saraki want us to do, he should go to prison and become their president

  38. Gold Diamond Prosper says

    Saraki is better than ministers of liars

  39. Yemi Akinyode says

    Are you been in Ilorin when Saraki was Gov, you should know the different btw liars and the Saraki.

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