Fresh FM was duly approved for music house by Oyo govt —Ayefele

Yinka Ayefele (left) the inset photographs show the demolished building then and now

The proprietor of Fresh F.M radio, Yinka Ayefele, has described as untrue, comments from an official of a government that the demolished music house was not approved to host the radio station.

Ayefele, who spoke at a news conference in Ibadan, on Monday evening, said two studios were in the building plan submitted to the government and approved over 10 years, precisely on June 6, 2008.

The gospel artiste, who fought back tears while addressing journalists, also disclosed how his wife knelt down for four hours, begging Governor Abiola Ajimobi to rescind his decision.

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“My wife was with the governor till around 3:00 a.m on Saturday. She was able to meet the governor and he assured her that the building will not be demolished and as an assurance, when she was leaving, the governor gave her $1, 000.

“I would have gone with her but I had been hospitalised a day after the three days demolition notice was given to us by the government. There is no defence for this vindictive and politically motivated destruction of a thriving business in a city that needs economic and job opportunities for its citizens,” Ayefele said.

On the accusation from the government that he shunned a letter requesting a regularisation of the building plan, he said his architects were already working on a new plan before the bulldozers were rolled in to pull down the edifice.

“In the approved plan of the music house, we requested an approval for a business complex with proposed two studios and the plan was approved. The building is more than 10 years. Are they now saying that a radio license which costs several million to obtain is not a business venture?

“They did not only demolish the building, our recently acquired broadcast equipment worth N28 million was equally damaged. We are still putting the cost (of the damage) together.

“The demolition notice they brought was three days. There is a confirmation that the state government is responsible for the demolition as against what their counsel said in court.

“We have relocated our studio and Fresh F.M is fully back on the air. It is only the NBC that can stop us from broadcasting Fresh FM is a small business that should be encouraged and not destroyed,” he said.

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  5. Opeh Francis Onah says

    Sue him to ICC now

  6. Gold Diamond Prosper says

    4 hour indeed na God of heaven..wait ajumobi what if i block ur nose for night can u buy breath.mmm..4 hour u be God.

  7. Udeme Ekanem says

    It could be a discrete compensation, hmmm

  8. Toheeb Demola says

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  10. Biodun Opeyemi says

    If you think u have a case please proceed to court

  11. Sam O Presley Oluwayinka says

    Forget about him. Not everybody deserves your respect. Once again ,I say, not all. Just let him be. Forgiveness is hotter than a life charcoal . A miracle is on the way.

  12. Abimbola Samuel Wale says

    What do you expect from former mutuary attendant. God will fight your battles Ayefele.

  13. Uchechi Lucky says

    The case was already in court before the demolition, ajimobi disobey court other

  14. Jude Agbor says

    The wickedness of men, my brother is well oh, let God and their conscience be their judge.

  15. Lovely Osato says


  16. David Brown says

    A Nigerian governor spending dollars here in Nigeria, this country is a joke. No wonder the naira keep losing value.

  17. Deacon Fidelis Okoromi says

    Just leave them to God, He will judge all of them

  18. Biodun Opeyemi says

    Uchechi Lucky then he can go further and claim damages done

  19. Olubunmi Ola Joseph Abiri says

    hate and wickedness lies in APC member

  20. Oginni Samuel Oluwaseun says

    It’s already in court. Today was the hearing.

  21. Mummy Mike says

    $1000 more info to come, we are watching

  22. Ndubuisi Stephen says

    Hear them speak! Advisers whose conscience is already snared with iron..

  23. Biodun Opeyemi says

    Olubunmi Ola Joseph Abiri can we just focus more what is important than blaming a polical party on action of a state government. Let the rule of law prevail

  24. Kehinde Theophilus Adewale says

    From my pick mind, Egbon no more weep in your life in Jesus mighty name amen

  25. Biodun Opeyemi says

    Oginni Samuel Oluwaseun Ok we awaiting for court’s judgement in this regards

  26. Emeka Christian says

    Who wrote this coke and bull folktales. Partisan agents in government

  27. Bisi Mosebolatan says

    God will visit Ajimobi and His generations with same, in Jesus Name

  28. Gabriel Nd Tolefe says

    Justice in Nigerian courts, you’ve got to be kidding me.

  29. Adeola Samuel Opeyemi says

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  30. Sunday Sole says

    Useless Governor spending dollars in Nigeria, EFCC will soon Arrest you.

  31. Dcn Abiodun Adeoye says

    Whether approved or not for hosting a radio station, the government should have deployed the judicial process before carrying out the demolition. On the other hand, there is no special or specific structural design requirements for buildings that host radio stations. The government has only displayed its reckless use of power on a matter already submitted for adjudication in a court between parties.

  32. Gabriel Nd Tolefe says

    You said let the rule of law prevail when the government hasn’t adhered to the rule of law. Contradictory.

  33. Ogbeni Mailoya Saint says

    Sorry, he just made you and Fresh FM popular. I’m not surprise #koseleri has always been their slogan.

  34. Taiye Amos says

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  35. Kola Adegoke says

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    David Oluwafemi Bilewu

  36. Jackson Agbo says

    Can’t be in APC and a supporter of buhari and be heartless. Very unfortunate that a man that should be encouraged by govt to create more jobs is been demonized for doing what many able bodied men cannot do.

  37. Chibueze King says

    A crippled man already you still went ahead to cripple his means of livelihood. Evil that men do lives with them o. Gov beware

  38. Chukwuemeka Ijere says

    APC is a retrogressive party until the cow minded party is removed we will not move forwarf

  39. Buzor Ozone says

    Enjoy the change you voted for.

  40. Obed Angela says

    Don’t mind them 419 people

  41. Romeo Osas says

    when a musician lost his course things like this happens…

  42. Mayor Hassan says

    You’re absolutely on point sir!

  43. Kelvin Inobemhe says

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  45. Biodun Opeyemi says

    I just read that the case has been submitted in court and it has been adjourned to sept so w’ll see

  46. Hamzat Funso says

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  47. Uche Ogu says

    You see why they call them sophisticated moron.

  48. Ismaila Najeem says

    Why given him bribe?

  49. Oriade Okanlawon Okanlomo says

    Romeo Osas what course has he lost… Please let Nigeria know about it.
    Why do some people treat issues with sentiments???
    Is Ayefele no longer a Nigerian???
    How many Nigerians have you in particular created jobs for???
    Not untill we learn to speak in the right direction….. Nigeria will never. forward.

  50. Adebayo Abiodun Joseph says

    You this foolish edo man. Mind your speech. Accuse Ajimobi, and not his tribe.

    When Gov okorocha destroys IMO Market, nobody came here to insult the whole tribe of the east. If you don’t want thunder to destroy you before the sun set retract your comment or die mysteriously

  51. Olusegun Abiola says

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  52. Femi Adelusi says

    Aiyefele you can’t be doing business with politics. You can’t you ought to know this.

  53. Larry Osarenmwinda says

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  54. Raymond Abah says

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  55. Olalekan Sodeinde says

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  56. Ibrahim Abdulhakeem Sola says

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  57. Charles J Charles says

    When you were called for re-regularisation of your approval plan why do you proved stubborn! You want to make money from the public again with your way!

  58. Boltbaba Olasehinde says

    Take your fight to the court of law why must everything be judged on social media

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