We’ve delivered on our mandates in power, works, housing sectors ― Fashola

Babatunde Fashola

THE Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola on Monday, said his Ministry has delivered on its mandate in the Power, Works and Housing sectors.

This is even as he announced the completion of the Zik Mausoleum in Onitsha.

Fashola stated this in Abuja when he addressed newsmen on his progress report in three years.

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The Minister who spoke on the changes he has effected in the power, works and housing sectors said there were visible improvements compared to previous administrations.

“I am proud and happy to report that we have walked our talk, and we have delivered visible results and recorded qualitative progress,” he maintained.

In the power sector, he said the Ministry has been able to effect increase in generation, transmission and distribution chains of the power supply adding that it has delivered on incremental power.

“With regard to power, we have improved on what we met, by increasing generation from 4000 MW to 7000 MW, transmission from 5000 MW to 7000 MW and distribution from 2690 MW to 5,222 MW,” he said.

He stressed the need for more to be done saying; “work is clearly not finished, and we are still in the process of delivering additional:Generation from Kaduna 215MW, Afam IV 240MW, Kashimbilla 40MW, Gurara 30MW, Dadinkowa 29MW, power for 9 universities, 15 markets and 2 big Hydro power plants of 700MW in Zungeru and 3,050MW in Mambilla.

“Transmission from 90 projects nationwide with Apo, Mayo Belwa, Damaturu, Maiduguri, Odogunyan and Ejigbo being recently completed ones.

“Distribution through over 100 injection sub-stations and a distribution expansion programme to be funded by the Federal Government now in an advanced state of procurement.

“Although there are still people we have not reached, although there are still disruptions from time to time, and although there are still people who also need meters, and we are working to reach them, it is indisputable that we have delivered on incremental power.”

In terms of infrastructure, he disclosed that the budgetary allocation grew from N18.132billion in 2015 to N394billion in 2018.

According to the Minister, the increase in budget led to massive improvement in the construction of roads and infrastructure in the country.

He said;“The outcome is that there is not one state in Nigeria today where the Federal Government is not executing at least one road project and construction workers are engaged on these sites.

“Difficult or abandoned projects like the 2nd Niger Bridge, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and the Bodo-Bonny Bridge have been brought back to life.”

In the housing sector, he said under the pilot scheme of the National Housing Programme, construction is ongoing in 34 states.

“…No less than 1,000 people are employed on each site apart from the staff of the successful contractors.

“These sites are an ecosystem of human enterprise, where artisans, vendors, suppliers and craftsmen converge to partake of opportunities and contribute to nation building,” he added.

The Minister also disclosed that a total of 1300 Certificates of Occupany (CofOs) have been approved with 1,216 Application for Consent to transfer interests in Land application as at October 2018.

He said this was borne out of its resolve to tackle the backlog of issuance of consent and Certificates of Occupany to Federal Government land.

“Some of these transactions started over a decade ago and those just getting certificates acquired their properties years back but never got title,” he stated.

To this end, he reiterated the FG’s commitment to ensuring that it delivers on all its promises.

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  2. Charles Eze Amaefule says

    You are lying.on power nothing has happened. Darkness everywhere. Why do our leaders like lying?

  3. Waheed Bolaji Lawal says

    God bless Dr Sule and punish u for posting rubbish here.

  4. Hamzat Mujeeb Olawale says

    God punished you fashola

  5. James Emeh says

    Lies all the way. How many houses did you build in 4 years and where are their locations. This is mere propaganda. Now election is at hand, you are engaging in fire brigade road construction. For light, I don’t need to say anything.

  6. Adetoyese Bamisebi says

    you need deliverance sir

  7. A Aliyu Yahaya says

    Remember sir, during Jonathan, u said a serious government can fix power in six month, I don know weda u guys re yet to reach six month with dis ur clueless government.
    May Atiku succeed, 2019.

  8. Gabriel T Akwe says

    Hahahahaha,,,,,,,Fashola, u ar now a total confused Man,,,, u can’t wait to evacuate ur self from dat office for d forthcoming PDP govt, Oyonarah,,,,brother “Ode”

  9. Emmanuel Emabe says

    This people should go and learn how to spin believeable lies

  10. Kenn Onyinye says

    Haha, finally he has given up on his promises.

  11. Marius Obiwanne Chiwetalu says

    The most annoying aspect is the kind of transformers we have in our streets. They spoil on the average of twice a week and the response time for the power holding companies is nothing to write home about.

  12. Charles Asamideri says

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  23. Ola Philips says

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    And they’re happy with their achievements
    Only a foolish imbecile will clamour for the return of this evil administration of Buhari

  24. Esosa Edosomwan says

    Only in your dreams, mister.

  25. Pst Bello Ibrahim says

    I can feel your efforts but more still need be done because we are far from getting there. Well done sir.

  26. Efem Joseph Atu says

    May your every of your personal pursuits receive the same standard of result as our power sector under your watch.

  27. Akinsanya Olugbenga says

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  28. Chidiebere Nwobodo says

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  29. Salihu Murtala says

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  31. Ayis Ďe Priye says

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  44. Sheriff Ibrahim Folorunsho says

    I disagree with Mr. Fashola. The power sector hasn’t recorded a landslide improvement like you guys promised. The housing sector, u have done close to nothing.

  45. Osaigbovo Charles Ojo says

    This man is seriously sick.

  46. Salihu Murtala says

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  68. James Fakayode says

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  69. Ifeyinwa Godfrey says

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  70. Nsima Edet says

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  94. Frankie Madu says

    Clap for this group of Fulani terrorist government and there agent of terror like fashola

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