Fayose turns 58, dedicates birthday to ‘freeing Nigerians from servitude under APC’

Former Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose

The immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose, turns 58 on  Thursday, November 15.

According to a press statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Idowu Adelusi, “Fayose will not be flying to Dubai or any fairy-tale West Indies island to throw lavish parties.”

Instead, “he will be in deep reflection on the parlous state of the nation and the untold suffering which has been the lot of Nigerians under the President Muhammadu Buhari/APC administration.”

“It has never been this bad,” he said, adding that the task at hand is joining hands to offload Buhari/APC and put an end to the unmitigated suffering in the land.

“Nigeria spends more than 50 percent of its revenue to service debts. That is recipe for disaster.

“Most parts of the country are perpetually in darkness despite all their boasts and huge resources purportedly committed to power generation.

“Insecurity is at the highest level ever despite the huge funds they have illegally seized from the other tiers of government ostensibly to fight insurgency.

“Fuel subsidy has returned with a fury never before known in this country. Subsidy is now done under the counter and the mind-boggling corruption going on in that department is better imagined than said.

“Unemployment, youth restiveness and collapse of the industrial sector imperil us all and mortgage the future of the present as well as future generations.

“Our country is the laughing stock of the international community. When our President is not described as lifeless, we as a nation are described as the poverty capital of the world.

“This is not the time to throw elaborate birthday bash. Hopefully, better days are coming when Nigeria shall be free from its present crippling emasculation brought about by the incompetence and arbitrariness of Buhari/APC,” he added.

  1. Atanda David Olusegun says

    Happy birthday Oshokomole llnp

  2. Stephen Fatomilola says

    HBD Oshiomole, may the good keep you alive to see the end of your enemies and at the end, you shall testify to His goodness ijn, Amen. Congratulations ??

  3. Kolawole Paul Abiola says

    Oshokomole sir, not oshiomole

  4. Boluwaji Felix says

    HBD peter d rock! Oko buhari

  5. Florence Idaguko says

    Happy Birthday Sir.God will continue to keep u and yours.

  6. Douepre Cay says

    Happy birthday Sir, you have made name for yourself and your generation, history will remember you.

  7. Engr Emmanuel Maintain Enzo says

    happy birthday to you sir

  8. Sica Gold says

    Happy Birthday Sir…

  9. Benedict Paul says

    Happy birthday sir

  10. Akinsalewa Adejumo says

    Many happy returns, self-appointed Messiah!

  11. Olalekan Ogbara says

    Happy birthday to you. But do you know that you are facing serious charges that if convicted you might face Public Public Execution by firing squad? Guard yourself accordingly.

  12. Shakeerat Abass says

    Ole npe ole ni Ole , Ajepola npe ologbo ni abeshe , throughout your tenure how did you made Ekiti State People to remember you ? Olodo

  13. Tosin Henrietta Fads says

    HBD, irumole to je friedrice

  14. Balogun Isaac says

    Yes oh… For those who still support this Scam Govt, may they remain modulated for ever.

  15. Okechukwu Nwankwo says

    Happy birthday to a brave man, many happy returns

  16. Ngozi Faith says

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  17. Kenny Egbuji says

    Happy birthday Iroko

  18. Olaleye Joseph says

    Happy birthday sir

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  20. Bamikole Ogundare says

    Boluwaji Felix I’m in pain….

  21. Dauda Ayodele says

    Congratulations my boss age with grace in the name of Almighty Allah.

  22. Anyanwu Chibueze Jude says


  23. Ndukaku Bartholomew says


  24. Ogunbiyi Sunday says

    @ 58 What legacies are you leaving for your children and other corrupt leaders?

  25. Ogunbiyi Sunday says

    @ 58 What legacies are you leaving for your children and other corrupt leaders?

  26. Mojekwu Uche says

    Happy birthday!

  27. Shakiru Olakunle Ilo says

    Fool talking

  28. Adeniyi Kolawole Adedeji says

    Hbd sir!

  29. Zaki Ibrahim says

    The Iroko tree, them say after ur tenure u will run, them say after ur tenure u will Rot in jail, them say after ur tenure u can not insult baba go slow the way u do. Yet after ur tenure u are still doing it, they are hiding their face in shame. God is ur strength. HBD my Governor.

  30. Mfon Asanga says


  31. Salam Mudashiru says

    Happy birthday to igbos governor I pray ekiti never experienced bad governor lyk u again.

  32. Oseni Soladoye says

    He is also an enemy to another person i wish him long life prosperity and what he has been wishing PMB

  33. Rachel Jibola says

    Salam Mudashiru we Ekiti people loves him…….shut up you nuisance

  34. Shina Adedeji says

    Happy birthday sir.

  35. Rachel Jibola says

    Happy birthday to you sir ✉???

  36. Salam Mudashiru says

    Are u 4rm ekiti just continue trashing online … what did fayose do in ekiti

  37. Henry Abayomi Alakija says

    FRAUD SCAM BIRTH DAY … Anyway hbd llnp mhr spotless

  38. Olaniyan Olubisi says

    God bless your new age

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