Boko Haram attacks: Buhari summons urgent meeting of service chiefs

Service chiefs
President Buhari and the Service Chiefs in a meeting. (File photo)

Ostensibly alarmed by the latest killings of dozens of soldiers by Boko Haram insurgents, President Muhammadu Buhari has summoned an urgent meeting of Service Chiefs to find ways to stop the trend. 

He has also dispatched the Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan Ali, to the neighbouring Republic of Chad for an urgent meeting with President Idris Deby and his defence counterpart. 

Knowledgeable sources said in Abuja on Friday that the president is worried by on the deterioration of security situation on the Nigeria – Chad Border that has led to the recently increased Boko Haram terrorism in the area.

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The sources which did not want to be named in Abuja said: “Nigeria has a Chad  problem in the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) put together to secure the Lake Chad basin areas and repeal the Boko Haram terrorism attacks against all the countries neighbouring the Lake.”

The sources noted that Chad is believed to be having their own internal security challenges and this has reportedly led to their pulling away their own troops manning their own border around Lake Chad,  saying: “That lacuna is being exploited by the Boko Haram terrorists, who go in and out of Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon to launch terrorist acts.  This is a clear illustration of the fact that terrorism is beyond national borders.”

When contacted, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, confirmed  that the Defence Minister is going to Chad but said he is unaware of the purpose. 

Meanwhile, the military authorities are said to be in the process of identifying the families of the latest victims with a view to making contact with them. 

Credible sources revealed that it is the reason the president is yet to make any pronouncement on the matter. 

“The President has called an urgent meeting with the Service Chiefs, as well as the fact that families of the latest victims of the Boko Haram  are being identified and contacts made before a government pronouncement on the tragic attacks. This, it is understood, is the reason for the silence of the government over the incident,” the source said. 

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  2. Ucheodi Zik Chonyonsu Nwajide says

    Gen ihejirika commanded soldiers to wipe out Boko Haram northerners were crying fowl that he is killing their people .

  3. Akeem Lawal says

    Wld d meeting yeild any positive result?

  4. Adetiran Bolanle says

    What next?

  5. Gudboy Pam says

    If He Can Not Sack Service Chiefs No Need Of Any Meeting

  6. OseTom Osa's says

    Sack these service chiefs Mr man

  7. Frankie Madu says

    which Buhari the dead one or jubril parading itself as Buhari dead president will be disgraced very very soon

  8. Aleeyu Galadeema says

    May Allah continue to be happy with us.
    These service chiefs are either not serious or are conspiring.

  9. Ahmed Musa says

    Fabricated news, nothing of this happened no service chives are summoned.

  10. Uche Ayoka says

    Which buhari

  11. Omoh Adebayo says

    Useless set of people, heartless people

  12. Nsemo Fergusson says

    Adetiran Bolanle NextLevel…

  13. Ogbeifun Paul Enosakhale says

    Next devils don’t mind them

  14. Ogbeifun Paul Enosakhale says

    They are killing our innocent soldiers…..until boko haram kill their children

  15. Mazi Frank Anoruo says

    Like he has always done but certainly not going to be against the IPOB members and supporters this time.

  16. Baridimka Emmanuel says

    Are these service chiefs or APC members?

  17. Emiko Peterson Ojuya says

    Sack them all b4 they make u get your own sack

  18. Anu Ayepada says

    The more buhari summons the meeting of the security chiefs, the stronger boko haram and fulani herdsmen becomes, is like the meeting is to give the boko haram and fulani herdsmen information on how and when to kill?

  19. Yinka Joseph says

    And the stupid lifeless man is still silent no official statement

  20. Amara Obilo says

    If d service chiefs are not sacked this week,then both buhari nd them are suspects.

  21. Kingsley Odogbo says

    Incompetent service chiefs n great grandpa of a president, that doesn’t hear nor listens

  22. Idris Omogu Muhammed says

    Sack d service chiefs n most top rank officer let all the officers phone be hacked n revelations will b made ..most of them do give info to BH

  23. Richard Onyenaturuchi Richard says

    The appointments of all the security chiefs from the north could’ve been justify if only they were able to find everlasting solution to the terrorist activities in the region, but reverse is the case. Just recently a new terrorist group was discovered and the army has vow not to take it slightly with them. Here is the truth, you cannot fully unleash the terror on the Hausa/Fulani terrorist group if you’re their brother.

    The Boko Haram, the Akikha, the Bandits and many more are all from the north and no one from the south is complaining. For over 5 to 6 years now, all the military budgets has been used to combat terrorism in the north and if such is to be said about the south, all the northern elders and emirs would’ve say one thing or the other of how the money meant for Nigeria army is been spent on the south alone.

    If only the Nigeria army pay attention to Boko Haram and other terrorist group in the north the way they did to peaceful IPOB members, I think by now Boko Haram would’ve become the thing of the past. Or the Nigerian government should hire Saudi blackwater machineries to help the army as they did in 2016 against Niger Delta militants

  24. Scofield Dokubo James says

    Nothing serious comes out of meeting with buhari. This is just for people to think that something serious is happening while as nothing is happening

  25. Godwin David says

    Gallant and Innocent lives are gone, Buhari with his service chiefs will now share money in the name of intensifying the fight against Boko haram. Buhari will use his own share for presidential campaign, the service chiefs will enrich themselves with their own share. Buhari is fighting corruption and has integrity according to his gullible fans, gallant men are being attacked by ragtag insurgents. What a country

  26. Tenny Wyte says

    Point of correction jubril don’t have right to summons any service chief

  27. Sylvester Ncheta says

    Jubril is confusing

  28. Olaide Babs says

    Summoning service chiefs all the time won’t solve any problem.

  29. Julius Wealth'scome Favour says

    Hmmm, Eye service resulting from opposition’s and citizens’ criticisms

  30. Christopher Ezeuko says

    Sunni Muslim meeting on how to destroy the infidels

  31. Angelo Chukwuemeka says


  32. Kayode Masha says

    Fake Buhari leading the conspiracy theorist of Nigeria

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  34. Sadiq Imam says

    BKH issue is a big business of some chosen few;

  35. HM Adam Kanemboy says

    I Crying silently,i crying inside of me because my people being killed,burning down their properties worth billions of naira also my brave country men and fellow soldiers losed their in vain,without give compensate to their families or take care of their families but some high ranking officers sleeping with their families and drinking cool water together with their own families.but they abandoned the children of common man overthere in jungle in the name of fighting bk insurgency therefore always loss their lives in the battle field no action by govt,how come? qi6qqp dqq

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  37. Ezugha Ugochukwu says

    Jubrin summons meeting

  38. Atsuah ST Joseph says

    When? He has not done that.

  39. Azubuike Camillus says

    Meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meeting meetings……. yet nothing will change

  40. Masterdoctor Oj Sunnydale says

    Please if this people no capture by you plz Mr President you beta leave the cabinet coz we are tired of all you scam sir we want changing of government again pls

  41. Ucheodi Zik Chonyonsu Nwajide says

    Gen ihejirika commanded soldiers to wipe out Boko Haram northerners were crying fowl that he is killing their people .

  42. Sunday Ehimare Inegbenose says

    Useless meetings!

  43. Why is he summoning them? He should just wear khaki and enter sambisa, period.

  44. Jimmys Olusegun says


  45. Samson Kanayo says

    Corruption in Nigeria military is worst than the one in Apc

  46. Asaju Samuel says

    Too late, the deed is done while Buhari sleeps.

  47. Ifeanyi Ozoh says


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