Saraki to FG: Involve opposition in Trader moni or scrap it


Trader moni
Dr Bukola Saraki

THE Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has told the federal government to scrap “Trader moni, since, according to him, it has become a purely All Progressive Congress (APC) affair rather than a Nigerian programme.


He has also questioned the motive behind the implementation of the initiative especially with government officials demanding for the Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) of prospective beneficiaries, which he said made it a sophisticated vote-buying.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja on Friday, the Director General (DG) of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, observed only APC politicians were involved in the programme for which money had been appropriated for all Nigerians.

He advised that if the programme must continue with it, members of the opposition must also be involved in it.

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Saraki wondered while the programme has become the biggest project of this administration if not for the sake of politics.

He added: “This programme has been going on for the last few years. In 2015, I didn’t see the Vice-president going anywhere to give anybody trader money. In 2016, I didn’t see the Vice-president going anywhere to give anybody trader money.

“In 2017, I didn’t see the Vice president going anywhere to give anybody trader money. But all of a sudden in 2018, and the worse part about it is that he goes with women leaders of his party, governor of his party.

“At least, if you’re going and since it is Nigerian money he should have women leaders of all the political parties because the money belongs to Nigeria.

“But all I see is APC women leaders. It is morally wrong. We have said it. It equates in a way to a sophisticated vote buying because if it is not vote buying, he should have been doing it since 2015. You got the budget for it 2015, in 2016 you didn’t go, 2017 you didn’t go but all of a sudden 2018 that’s the biggest programme.

“And when you go, carrying APC governors beside you, women leaders of the party of APC beside you, you’re collecting PVC cards.

“Nigerians are not going to be fooled like that. Anything that is not based on sincerity…if he has been doing it since 2015, 2016, 2017, then you can say that.

“But to us, most people, it is sophisticated vote buying.

“And next time he goes out, he should carry people that represent the community, not just one party.

“Let them carry members, women associations from not only a particular party or political association.

“Definitely, it is wrong. It’s either they stop it completely or they expand the space and ensure that it represents all Nigerians. Because the money, when it was appropriated, we did not put beside it ‘APC appropriated money.’ We said it was money appropriated for all Nigerians.

“So, when they go out for such event, it should have all Nigerians present.

“I’m sure when they’re going, they can invite neighbouring states or even the political leaders of other political parties in that state should participate at any event and not just the ruling party.”

The campaign DG also admonished the ruling party that its propaganda and name calling against the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar, will not work as he said that Nigerians were wiser than that to be fooled by such antics.

He said the call by the federal government for the United States not to grant entry visa to Atiku was a panicky move because it fears that the former Vice President will win next year’s election.

The Senate President posited: “Let me go to the question of visa that was raised. I think it was a panic action by government.

“How does granting somebody visa a way of endorsement? It’s more like a panic action because the government is panicking. They believe that if that happens it will send a wrong signal.

“They should not interfere; they should allow the normal process to go. But again, as I said, that it is a panic reaction of a government that is scared, that is worried, that it is about to lose election and is trying to see how they can muscle around and that is otherwise, a desperate act to go along those issues.”

On the narrative being pushed by the APC that Atiku is corrupt, Saraki said: “The most important thing is for Nigerians to know at the end of the day, what is in it for me, because when you go out and vote, it’s all about making this country better. It is not about calling people names. They won’t do that.

“But we are going to stay…as they say, they go low, we are going to go high. We are not going to go low with them because that’s where we believe it shows the responsibly of this party.

“This is a party that we believe that you know that we have come out reformed , we are more focused and what we believe what is important is how the average Nigerian’s life is going to be better, who is going to make that better, who is going to make the country more secure, who is going to make the country more united.

“When Nigerians answer those questions, they will choose the person they should vote for.

“Today, a lot of people want a more united Nigeria. Who will unite Nigeria better? Atiku Abubakar or the President Muhammadu Buhari?

“Who will provide a better security in ensuring that the government runs more efficiently and who will fix the economy?

“If you look at those three issues, we will show over the next few weeks that Akiku Abubakar can do it better.

“And you also ask yourself too that in the last four years truly, has the country worked? And if those answers are also no, then we must stand and do what is right by voting for a better country. “

“Now talking about the stigmatization or calling names, they are all propaganda.

“Atiku Abubakar has shown these are names and slogans that they call. It’s just a way to try and give him a name. I haven’t stuck in any manner and it is clear to us that those are just words of propaganda.

“That is why I said it is names calling and it cannot work because Nigerians are better, more intelligent to understand to understand that that is not what the issues are.

“If there are any issues of corruption, we all know that there are no cases that he has before him. He has a clean bill anywhere and those are just innuendos and propaganda.”

The PDP campaign boss disclosed that the party will kick-start its campaign in Sokoto on Monday before branching out to other parts of the country.

He promised and issue-based campaign which he said will be anchored on whether Nigerians are better off today than they were in 2015.

The Senate President maintained: “What we’ll be saying to Nigerians is that it is our belief that, with our candidate, we have a candidate that understands what is required in moving the economy forward because I asked a question, is the economy better now and is it worse than it was in 2015?

“Are people suffering more now than they were in 2015? And to do that, the reality is this, that you need a candidate that can drive investments and get the factories working, bring the business economy working. That is the reality.

“Government alone cannot do it and the government has tried to do it for the last few years and it has not worked and unless you have a President that people believe that the investment climate is conducive you’re not going to see that investment.

“We believe that Atiku Abubakar has the background, has the understanding and knows what it takes to address those issues.”

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  3. Okey Nwokem says

    Since elections are around the corner everything you do is seen as campaign strategy.Even if you give a beggar #100 u are campaigning!

  4. Musa Maaji Yakubu says

    who are the oppositions

  5. Abdulmumini Idris Momoh says

    Ole buruku. This guy really needs money

  6. Fash Gabriel says

    English language is the problem, ask your teacher.

  7. Adam Aliyu Inda says

    Start watching National TV stations you will know where the Trader money is going in markets or APC Secretariat

  8. Obuzor ThankGod says

    How powerful is the opposition that the executive will scrap a project.?

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  10. Flexy Nobility says

    Yesterday saraki called it vote buying today he is telling the president to involve the opposition. The opposition control states in this country, they can copy it if they so desire.

  11. Mohammed Ismaila says


  12. Musa Maaji Yakubu says

    iam talking to saraki not english teacher please

  13. Sa'ad Dembo says

    This government did not use party in their social Investment program. Ask the N-power beneficiaries. Buhari is fair, in those days during Jonathan Sure P is not for opposition at all. I witnessed it live in my constituency. Saraki is asking the FG to do what he can’t do ordinarily.

  14. Lukman Umar says

    Is ur fathers money?

  15. Musa Agbola says

    Nonentity outburst, scrap what?

  16. Temitayo Samuel Ojo says

    Flexy Nobility they are confused set of people you know ?

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  18. Edache Cornelius says

    Na our money

  19. Remi Adebayo says

    You better leave them alone. Can’t you start your own trader money? ASAP?

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  21. Emmanuel Adamu says

    What do you mean?

  22. Onyii Top says

    Buhari and his APC is evil they sharing money only to their supporters buhari government is just for some sections of people evil man buhari

  23. Innocent Omerue says

    Govt of few youraba ‘s and Hausa/fulani.

  24. No! You aren’t talking to Saraki but Nigerian Tribune because Saraki won’t be able to reply you but his allies, like this guy now,,, have to go!

  25. Yusuf Gimba says

    It’s for al notin like opposition

  26. Mohammad Bello Mohammad says

    No way

  27. Salam Mudashiru says

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  29. Owhe Chris says

    Ojumah C. Daniel ask am oh. Yeye Nigerians.

  30. Okwoli Fidelis says

    Did Pdp Ever Involve Any Opposition In Their Policies And Projects?, Never!.The Call To Scrap It Is Trash Talk Because He Cares Less Of The Millions Benefitting From The Scheme.There Is No Such Thing As Bi-partisan Rule In Nigeria.Maybe Jumping From One Party To Another Is Making Saraki Bi-polar Or Schizophranic Or Double Personality Disorder.Instead Of Saraki To Worry About His Involvement In The Offa Massacre,He Is Politicking With Insignificant Issues.Atiku Should Have Errands He Should Be Running Or He Is No Longer Atiku’s Aide Anymore?.

  31. Ademolu Adediran says

    Abdulmumini Idris Momoh did you read the article?

  32. Ademolu Adediran says

    Did you read the article ?.

  33. Shafi'u Bala says

    I prefer vote buying politics like trader money, than playing politics with innocence Nigerian souls

  34. Yemi Olatoye says

    Oga keep your mouth shut that’s what your party have been doing during your era. If u provoke u can as well use your money and do the same busy body

  35. Olamilekan Jolayemi Gold says

    You high on coffee I guess ….trade money is fall all …Ode ni man yi sha

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  37. Abdullahi Ahmed says

    Saraki, dis trader moni u go see am u go smell am….but u nor go chop am.

  38. Lanre Ajikobi says

    You ran stomach infrastructure alone.

  39. Ahmad Marafa says

    You forget how sure–p during pdp been utilised

  40. Fred-Wedeh Uche says

    Did anyone send you to make yourself an opposition?

  41. Deen Taj says

    Well done Sir exactly what VP is doing n his doing it well sai baba

  42. Obiefuna Kenechukwu says

    trader moni is strictly for all Nigerians not oppositions

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  44. Dawuda Gana says

    saraki is talking nonsense,, if someone uses their valid national form of ID (PVC) , how does one know their party affiliation and who they intend to vote for on Election Day.

  45. Ken Nal says

    is the issue about opposition or about the nation? who ever says this idiot is smart must b a dumb follower

  46. Bashir Umar says

    He paid Biafrans and retired police officers their pending gratuities, are they also APC supporters?

  47. Adekunle Onifade says

    Is that an advice or a command?

  48. Mike A Bowale says

    Onyii Top, all glory to God

  49. Haruna Abdullahi says

    Mr looter is talking

  50. Sodiq Yusuf says


    I have toned down my posts here for obvious reasons, most people here are only involved in political propaganda and I am not ready to argue with such people, it is sheer waste of energy, time and neurotransmitters in my brain.
    Their dream is different, mine is to see Nigeria succeed.

    There is a video of Peter Obi online, where he analyzed the profligacy of the past administration and the resultant effects on our economy. The anti-Buhari guys have refused to acknowledge Peter Obi’s honest opinion. Yet they continue to scream that Buhari destroyed the economy. Okonjo Iweala also wrote about the wastefulness it in her book, they shunned it. What useless economy? What nonsense economy? Nation of 180m people who spends billions to import food, depend on oil..imports toothpick and handkerchiefs, imports okrika clothes and palm oil.

    A country that imports and consumes every single item in the world. Oil prices crashed to $28 per barrel, with a reserve of $29bn that could hardly finance one month of import, what were we expecting? Tea party? Egypt, Angola, Algeria, Tunisia, Argentina and Venezuela got caught up in the mess, all of them ran to IMF, devalued their currencies, suffered massive inflation and hardship. PMB/PYO / Kemi Adeosun / Emefiele and his team struggled to manage the situation..stimulate local production, plugged loopholes, recovered looted funds, removed ghost workers and continued to grind despite low oil prices.

    The man held on to the naira, he didn’t want to devalue it due to the ripple effect on the economy especially petroleum products.The naira eventually crashed and we got hit by the effects of devaluation. Who ever said we weren’t going to suffer for years of wastefulness and oil price slump is a complete dullard. Oh Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world, yes we totally deserve it. What did we do in 16 years to avoid the inglorious crown?

    Nigeria came out of recession maybe faster than everyone else except Egypt who took billions of IMF loans. The FG despite the recession only borrowed to fund critical infrastructure, they did not downsize, they did not borrow to fund salaries rather, they have continued to bail out states, built our reserve from $29bn to $41bn.

    Asides all these, the govt had little left to run some social intervention programs, programs that were not implemented when we had surplus funds. Pensions backlog also cleared during these tough times. Inflation has been on a downward trend for 18 consecutive months, exports improving gradually, appreciable increase in revenue, Agric picking up steadily but we still have a lot to do to feed 200m citizens.

    Completed projects, contractors back to site, rail, roads, power and other critical infrastructures all within 2-3 years. I am not making excuses, as a learned person, I am just wondering what the grouse is exactly.
    Security, maybe, it could have been better..what else? Please name any company or firm in any critical sector of the economy that did not make huge profits in 2017/2018.

    Shoprite just announced a 43% increase in revenue, jobs are coming back, businesses booming again. I can list 1bn dollar worth of foreign investments that have come into the country in the past 24 months, Google is your friend e no go ask you for money! Was Atiku not VP when Michelin, dunlop, Unilever and other factories closed down and ran to Ghana?

    What exactly are you ranting about? All the churches that bought warehouses in Oregon and Oba Akran, what year were these properties acquired mostly by churches? Have you questioned your Governors? What exactly is your grouse? We all saw it coming, Peter Obi saw it, Okonjo saw it, Sanusi saw it coming.

    Support your candidate but don’t assume we are fools. There is no magician anywhere and Nigeria will not become an Eldorado in 3 years. 3m Jobs will not come out of anywhere. We laid a poor foundation for donkey years and now we have to work. No propaganda will stop it..We are moving by God’s grace to the #NextLevel

    – Dr Guendouzi @fimiletoks


  51. Ismail Oluwashola says

    Like the way you are doing your own in kwara abi? Arm rubber

  52. Fidelis Udoji says

    Abdullahi Ahmed no sane Nigeria need that money cos its a caused money,What will 10k buy for a family,we only clamour for a good governance not the useless money given to beggars

  53. Fidelis Udoji says

    No sane Nigeria need that money cos its a caused money,What will 10k buy for a family,we only clamour for a good governance not the useless money given to beggars

  54. Hammanjulde Nyako says

    Where are the opposition?

  55. Ogunbiyi Sunday says

    Embark on your own empowerment program and stop crying. You were in the same vehicle with PMB before you suddenly jumped out to join pdp vehicle carrying waste bin heading to unknown destination just because of your desperation.

  56. Gudboy Pam says

    Saraki Is Too Big For That Corrupt Money. The Money Was Main For Purches Of Arms To Fight Boko Haram… That Trader Moni Is Haram, Wheder U Like It Or Not.

  57. Mca Andy says

    All illiterate blinded follows of APC, don’t understand what the Senate president is saying. If you must share Nigerian government money, you have to do it involving every Nigerians. Cause the money belongs to all not party

  58. Maina Mari says

    Trader money is now a threat to PDP hence a weakness APC ought to capitalise on by massively funding d scheme

  59. Fred Osayi says

    I hear people saying saraki is too big for trader moni, menh from what i know, this man can still anything even your 5naira. Don’t be happy that he’s big and you are not.

  60. Akhimie Godwin says

    Mumu, so that they can steal. Frustration is telling on PDpigs.

  61. Rabiu Shehu says

    Opposition don chop their own alone before 2015,this one na APC own,me dem chopam alone.

  62. Oluwatayo Paul Adekoya Adeyemi says

    The so-called government are using social intervention fund all in the name of vote buying to woe voters.. What a Scam, money that is meant to be for all is now been given to some…

  63. Abdulkareem Hussein says

    @Onyii, can’t be sincere in ur criticism for once? Are u saying all market traders dat have benefited or Npower volunteers are just APC supporters?
    Dis is not Gej’s era dat d Sure P was benefited by who knows who…..

  64. Ahmed Ndanbabo Cici says

    Mumu you guys involve the FG on executing your constituency projects or scrap it.

  65. Olaleye Oladayo says

    Olodo ni man yio, trader moni is for everybody

  66. Akhimie Godwin says

    Pdpigs are frustrated.

  67. Abdul-azeez Onimisi says

    What is this fool saying?

  68. Kayode Babarinde says


  69. Abayomi Omideyi says

    what’s mesujamba saying again

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  71. Emmanuel Ilori says

    Immediately u involve PDP,just forget about d program.bcos d small money wil find it way to d pocket of d big bosses.

  72. Quadir T Kayode says

    Was the trade moni shared for APC alone? This is falacy talk.

  73. Cee Jay says

    opposition can complete the distribution of GEJ stoves if they need to do something

  74. Musa Hassan says

    look at this drum

  75. Adie PatrickSuave Adie says

  76. Aliyu Maconu says

    The opposition are corrupt, they will embezzle the money

  77. Patrick Ayan says

    Saraki is crazy

  78. […] because it was not in the party’s manifesto or because it constituted the use of public funds for party-specific aims? The Bank of Industry defended the programme arguing that the loans were simply a means to the […]

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