IBADAN RALLY: I’ll start Nigeria’s restructuring process within 6 months in power — Atiku

Atiku Abubakar addressing supporters during his campaign rally in Ibadan, on Thursday, December 6, 2018

THE Presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has declared that if he is elected president of Federal Republic of Nigeria, he will start the process of restructuring the country within six months of being in power.

Atiku gave this assurance on Thursday when he addressed a mammoth crowd at the historic Mapo Hall Square, Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

Atiku Abubakar during his arrival for the Ibadan rally on Thursday, December 6, 2018

The former vice president stated that he has always been an advocate of restructuring as a way to move the country forward.

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“One of the most important policies I have advocated in this country is the restructuring of this country.

“Today, I stand before you to pledge that before you that within six months we shall start the process of restructuring in every part of this country,” Atiku said.

  1. Ifeatu Chukwuemeka says

    Amazing liar

  2. Ubong Barry Ibanga says

    As if it is that easy to change our constitution.

  3. Wole Olateju says

    419…; why u no talk this for sokoto…

  4. Janet Agadagidi says

    Good sir

  5. Janet Agadagidi says

    He said he will start the process Mr man

  6. Egbugwo Iykedan says

    well done sir but if u don’t keep your promise i will do to u what am doing apc today

  7. Senfuye Kehinde Adewale says

    Na lie!!!

  8. Kaycee A. Ajaero says

    Hmmm talk the once you fit do oh make you no come end like the other baba ooh let me come and be going..

  9. Moronkeji Adegbile says

    I’m not impressed !

  10. Faith Abie says

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  11. Judah Flourish says


  12. Kanayochukwu Kenneth Max says

    process Kwa!!! or you will start restructuring within six months….,,,, stop confusing Nigerians…. 2014 confab on ground.

  13. Bello Abubakar F says

    Atiku is not sincere in his campaign for restructuring. when he is in North he never mentioned anything like restructuring but when ever he comes to South the new sing becomes restructuring.the angel you know better than the devil you don’t know. be wise.

  14. Peter Ama says

    Campaign lies ,we are used to it..

  15. Ishaku Ibrahim says

    This man and his train are Not serious at all. I think PDP has lost it again.The party has No candidate.

  16. Sadiq Risikat Titilope says


  17. Sultan Isiaq Arowona says

    For more jokes text ATIKU to 419

  18. Nsa Okon Eyo says

    He will sell central bank, nnpc etc

  19. Ajibuwa Samuel Richmond says

    Saka maje

  20. Umar Ghali says

    Why didn’t you say so in Sokoto? Presidential Hypocracy.

  21. Clement Onoja says

    April fool,you went to sokoto you preach hunger,Ibadan restructure.

  22. Ahoton Paul Menapo Kolawole says

    Oga Atiku you are lie, bcus dat is wat u people are telin us.

  23. Olamilekan Jolayemi Gold says

    Lie everywhere

  24. Eyifeoru Henry says

    Bello Abubakar F he is not bcoz when voted into power he will know how to handle the pressure from his kinsmen and start the process from were it will be easy.if he had said this in sokoto state APC and buhari supporters would have use it against him in the north that he wants to divide the country???

  25. Lampese Izazi says

    Ole buruku ni Atiku

  26. Jauro Sadiq says

    I’m for next level. Pmb.

  27. Amagod Interiors says


  28. Engr Vintech says

    Henry biafrats frustrated and confused slave, stay away from all matters that concern Nigerians fool xxx, is Nigeria not a zoo Republic again???? You guys are just a confused elements, atiku will suffer heavy defeat in this coming general election ? ? ?

  29. Kenny Paul Raymond says


  30. Engr Vintech says

    Pmb will destroy this man in this coming general election, mark it down ?

  31. Mischeal Audu says

    What really is DX restructuring?

  32. Salimot Adeleke says

    By importing more generators abi?

  33. Bello Abubakar F says

    Henry you must be a joker , if you think Atiku will dance to the tune of South at the expense of his kinsmen.

  34. Lam Olabode Azeez says

    PMB… I stand.

  35. Adesupo Islaudeen Muheeb says

    But you refused to talk about restructuring in the northern campaign rally. Why fooling the people of the South

  36. Yakubu Maina says

    Don’t know who is fooling who

  37. Fred Gozy says

    ? that’s what will keep Nigeria ?? together restructuring if not disintegration asap

  38. Mon Agboola says


  39. Usman Gambari says

    Sai Baba till 2023

  40. Saint James James says

    If truely this man is sincere why did he not talk about restructuring when he was in sokoto state 419

  41. Theophilus Gabriel says

    May God bless this Dr for me who save me from hepatitis b virus with his herbal medicine you can also call him for help on HIV or whatsapp him +2349020549018

  42. King Chullo Obiajulu says

    We believe you Atikulated Mai gaskiya insha Allah

  43. Adesupo Islaudeen Muheeb says

    Your thought same as mine o!

  44. Salihu Usman says

    No south east governor in his rally no one in sokoto,kwara and now oyo gaskiya PDP is death

  45. Niyi Ajao says

    Even without input from National Assembly?
    Only kindergarten students will believe such

  46. Ahmad Muhammad says

    Karya kakeyi atiku.

  47. Kayode Aderemi says

    Political grasshopper in action after he has crippled, plundered and embezzled our economy for his enrichment when he was the V. President

  48. Saint James James says

    The Eastern people don’t just know which way to follow just because of sentiment

  49. Franklin Okwwudiri Okafor says

    Can you swore in Okija shrine that u will restructure Nigeria?

  50. Danju Musa says

    Why not tell them in sokoto where your people are that you will start restructuring nigeria in six month

  51. Joseph Ajang says

    Deceive them again Atikulooted

  52. AL Istijabah Talib Shola says

    Atikulooter is very funny.
    Restructuring within 6months, when Nigeria budget is taking d National Assembly 8months 2 passed, or d restructuring not going 2 pass 2ru each state of federation & pass by National Assembly?

    I remain loyal 2 PMB/PYO till 2023.
    Next Level is here.
    No Shaking.

  53. Arowosegbe Adenola says

    You didn’t say that in sokoto

  54. Djtivo Djtivo says

    He is coming to feed his hungry empire and thieves like him..

  55. Salami Adeshina says

    4.1.9 Atiku go and tell in the north you want to restructure Nigeria. Anuofia!.

  56. Beface Obiora Ohagwu says

    Bear palour comment,Can a president single handedly sell a country’s property

  57. Salami Adeshina says

    You don’t need to tell them after all Afenifere has adopted you. 4.1.9. Anuofia!.

  58. Oladimeji Ade Isaac says

    You know that you’re lying but continue…. Atiku

  59. Ibrahim Oladimeji says

    Hehehehe,he will also sell NNPC to his cronies.

  60. Kanayochukwu Kenneth Max says

    kingsely moghalu……. all the way!!!

  61. Ayandele Rasheed Ayantayo says


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