The seven principles of making marriage work

IF you are about to get married, then it is important for you to acknowledge this fact and stay mentally prepared for what the future holds.

If you are already married, you probably already know that marriage is indeed hard work.

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Here are seven principles that you must always hold on to for making things work

  1. Communicate

For any two people in a relationship, the importance of communication cannot be stressed upon enough. It is often improper communication or the total lack of proper conversation that ruins relationships.

The simple yet extremely powerful act of communicating properly can do wonders for your relationship. Many a time, people tend to ignore the issues at hand by not discussing them.

Such a behavior will only make things seem better temporarily only for them to get worse later. It is usually advisable to resolve issues before they blow out of proportion.

To improve communication with your partner it is also important to realise what sorts of behavior lead to open communication.

To do this, make a list of do’s and don’ts. After that, make sure you do the things that will help your partner open up to you.

  1. Give each other space

The idea of giving each other space in a relationship may seem weird to many people. But, for several people, personal space is extremely important and therefore it is something they cannot ever compromise upon.

Personal space is actually not a bad thing.

And you should not take it to heart if your partner asks for it. It is their right too, just like everybody else’s. Giving your partner a little time away from yourself will prove to be great for your relationship too. It will not only help you and your partner relaxes but will also give the two of you time to miss each other.

To practice this, plan a day out for yourself and tell your partner to go out with their friends. You’ll be amazed to see the energy they return with.

  1. Build trust

Trust should perhaps be the basis of every relationship in your life and most importantly, marital relationships. Many people believe that without trust, relationships have no reason to continue. Rightly so, trust is an extremely important pillar that can make or break bonds.

Trust is usually built over time and can be broken in a matter of seconds.

It is essential that you and your partner discuss the boundaries of the relationship so as to understand what is and isn’t off limits.

Once the two of you are on the same page, it becomes easier to determine how to behave.

  1. Mutual respect

Respecting your partner is absolutely necessary. Lack of mutual respect can lead to troubled relationships that may eventually end in a painful manner.

Respect is the basic right of every individual. Therefore in any marriage, partners should make sure they give each other this basic right. It is often because of the existence of mutual respect that many partners are able to keep a check on how they behave during arguments.

  1. Spend quality time with each other

A meaningful chat over a cup of tea will do you and your relationship more good than the hour you spent watching the news on the television with your spouse, without making any conversation.

Taking out time for your relationship is just as important as taking out time for yourself. When you give someone part of your time, it shows that you value and care for them.

So, every day when you come back from work, try to sit down with your spouse to talk about the day’s events instead of scrolling through your phone.

This small practice will help you connect with your partner and will also make them feel valued.

  1. Love

Love is probably the main reason why people decide that they want to get married in the first place. Love makes people do unusual stuff and it is love that makes people want to stay together irrespective of any differences that they might have.

However, like everything else in the world, love too can fade with time and so it is important that you keep working to keep the spark alive.

Small gestures can go a long way.

You’ll be surprised to see how just a text message out of the blue that says, ‘I love you’, can make your partner jump with joy.

  1. Be patient and compromise

If you are getting married and you think you’ll always get things done your way and that you’ll never have to compromise, then please think again.

No relationship is perfect and that is why both partners have to work towards making it better.

Compromise, is, therefore, inevitable.

You cannot and will not always get what you want. So, sometimes you will just have to be patient about the turn of events and in many cases, compromise, for your partner’s sake or for the sake of your relationship. A little patience will take you a long way.

If you are struggling in your married life, but you still want to give it another shot, please understand that marriage is hard work. It will require a lot of consistent efforts from both partners and these efforts usually take time to bring their results.

Don’t expect instant outcomes. Just be patient and give it your all.


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