Name FUTA after Shagari

I was very saddened when I learnt of the departure of Former President and Commander-In-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces,  Alhaji Shehu Aliyu  Usman. Our departed former president, who had the rare opportunity of ruling Nigeria during the Second Republic, was indeed a man of honour, dignity and character. He was a very considerate, accessible, objective, selfless and kind man. I had the rare privilege of meeting him when I was a counsel to the Federal Government in Justices Ayo Irikefe enquiry into an  alleged 2.8 billion pounds diverted from the central bank of England into a private account in Midland Bank in England.

What stands this epitome of decency and integrity out is his vaunting patriotism,open door policy, simplicity, humility and his love for education.The people of old Ondo State which included the present Ekiti State will forever remain grateful to the departed hero (Shagari), the Second Republic Senate Leader, late Dr. OlusolaSaraki and the then chairman of the ruling National Party of Nigeria (NPN), the  late Chief Augustus Meredith AdisaAkinloye, who accepted my request to hold a rally in Ado-Ekiti on Saturday, 11th of October   1980 where the Federal Government announced the citing of a Federal University of Technology in Ado-Ekiti to begin academic  work in October 1981.

This announcement gingered the then Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin-led UPN government in the then bigger Ondo State to  hastily   announce the establishment of a university in Ado-Ekiti. The university was to have eight campuses in Ado-Ekiti, Ikere, Owo and  other towns in Ondo State. The political gymnastics that ensued between NPN and UPN led to the transfer of the university of technology meant for Ado-Ekiti  to Akure; and the transfer of the Federal Polytechnic at Akure to Ado-Ekiti.

The departed Alhaji Sagari was therefore responsible for the three higher institutions which now exist in Ondo and Ekiti States. His  name will remain indelible in the hearts of the fair minded members of the two states. By his death, Nigeria has lost a rare gem and an irreplaceable hero who stood and fought for the good of the majority. Our  consolation is that he led a good life and above all, he left his indelible foot prints on the sands of time. He was undoubtedly a great   man, a worthy and an exemplary example of what a leader should be. I commiserate with President Muhammadu Buhari, the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Alhaji Muhammadu Sa’adAbubakar III and   the entire Shagari family of Sokoto over the death of this thoroughly distinguished citizen who played his part very well.

While wishing him a most-deserved rest, I pray that the Almighty Allah will grant the Shagaris and the people of Nigeria the grace  and the equanimity to bear the irreparable loss. His humanitarian services and the many lives he touched while on planet earth will surely stand him in good stead before the  Almighty, the Maker of All Things. May I therefore humbly suggest that the Federal Government should consider naming the Federal University of Technology Akure   after this illustrious son of Nigeria.

  • Aare Babalola, OFR, CON, is Founder and Chancellor, Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti.

  1. Ayodele Adeyeri says

    Would suggest one of the Universities of Technology he created in the North apart from FUTA

  2. Ismaila Waliu Alao says

    Ayodele Adeyeri: It could be FUTA, too. We must stop sectarian and ethnic biases and build a true nation. The choice of FUTA could be a good step in this direction..

  3. Ayodele Adeyeri says

    Ismaila Waliu Alao This is not sectarian this is just being logical I have friends across all the geo political zones of Nigeria

  4. Kachy Emmanuel says

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  5. Orebe Bamisaye says

    Why FUTA? They should find federal universities in northern parts of the country, not FUTA.

  6. Ayodele Adeyeri says

    The establishment of State Universities was already on the manifestos of the old UPN so the old Ondo State University was not accidental but could be incidental For example working in line with this UPN manifesto on Education LASU was established by LKJ in Lagos in the same 1982 the old Bendel State had Bendel State University in Ekpoma under the Late Prof Ambrose Alli Ogun State University was established by Late Chief Bisi Onabanjo and Late Bola Ige established Oyo State University in Ogbomosho

  7. O'Gbenga Ogundare Gcfr says

    Sorry, Uncle Bola Ige didn’t established the university in ogbomoso. It was established during Col. Sasaenia Oresayan as the state MILAD in 1991.

  8. Oluwatobi Ilupeju says

    No way, go to the north and find a school there. West to the westerners and North to the northerners. Why not FUT MINNA. Stupid people with useless ideas

  9. Abdkareem Gbola Kaseem says

    Who suggests this is sick,how many edifices in north were named to honours a southern.

  10. Edoh Ofugocho says

    Why not FUT Mina?

  11. Opeyemi Okewoye says

    Why not Afe Babalola University?

  12. Tunde Olorunfemi says

    No Federal university in the North oponu.

  13. Ademola Ajayi says

    Nigeria with their foolish thought most especially the people we see as repected one. So if anybody die in Nigeria now we have to name a school after them, why not road, hospital, river , bus stop and garden?

  14. Edoh Ofugocho says


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