Atiku joined Obasanjo to underdevelop Lagos ― Tinubu

•As south west traditional rulers sue for peace

Former Lagos state governor and national leader of the All Progressives Congress, ( APC) Bola Tinubu has said that he was determined to frustrate the presidential ambition of Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) presidential candidate,  Alhaji Atiku Abubakar over the role he claimed the latter played in withholding Lagos state council allocation during the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo administration. The PDP presidential candidate was the vice-president to Chief Obasanjo between 1999-2007.

Tribune Online findings revealed that the federal government under Chief Obasanjo administration had withheld the monthly statutory allocations meant for the 20 local councils in Lagos state, following the creation of additional Local Council Development Areas, (LCDA) by the Bola Tinubu administration without recourse to the National Assembly.

Further findings revealed that Chief Obasanjo had in a circular directed the Federal Ministry of Finance to suspend the disbursement of funds from the Federation Account to all the newly created local councils in the country.

But the Supreme Court, following the suit instituted by the Lagos State Attorney General and  Commissioner for Justice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo overruled the federal government as the apex court declared that the Obasanjo administration had no constitutional power to withhold funds for local councils or tamper with the Federation Account.

The court, however, added  that though Lagos State had  the constitutional power to create new councils, “there is still one more step or hurdle to be taken or crossed by the National Assembly for the plaintiff (Lagos State) to actualise the creation of the new local councils.”

Further findings revealed that the then  Chief Justice of Nigeria, Muhammadu Uwais who gave the lead judgement, which was unanimously endorsed, over-ruled the creation of new local councils by the Lagos State House of Assembly without consequential legislation by the National Assembly.

It consequently ordered the disbursement of funds to the 20 local councils of Lagos State recognized by the constitution.

But speaking with newsmen during a visit to his Asokoro residence in Abuja by certain south-west traditional rulers, Bola Tinubu who vowed to take his pound of flesh from the former vice-president accused Atiku Abubakar of indifference to the plight of Lagos state when the latter was approached for his intercession.

He said: “Atiku was Vice President of this country when the local government allocation for Lagos state was seized. When we led a protest to Atiku then, he said, “go away!  Go and comply!!

“Without those allocations, you cannot bring Development. When we said we needed power to power Lagos and the industrial base in our region, they said no. They were taking away N250 million from our allocation every month for being innovative and creative. Everywhere we turn, they rejected us and punished us. But we never gave up. Today, we are in that progressive development championed and led by President Muhammadu Buhari. Thank you for not looking back. Thank you for visiting and encouraging him.”

On the visit of the traditional rulers, the national leader of the APC thanked them for their support and concern for free, fair and peaceful electoral process.

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“The royal fathers spoke of the need for a peaceful election. When you have the belief that you can get a proper result, you work hard because you want peace. When you believe that you can win, you don’t want violence. We all love our children, our brothers and our followers and none of us would want our followers to become sacrificial lambs. We won’t encourage violent disruption of any election because we are confident of winning. Those who are crying wolf before the election has already accepted defeat before the election as far as I am concerned.”

The Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, who led the other traditional rulers to Tinubu’s residence said the traditional rulers’ main concern was peaceful coexistence among Nigerians during,  and after the election.

He said: “My message to Nigerians in this time of election is peace, peace and peaceful coexistence all the way. The power of every Nigerian and every electorate lies in the thumb. As traditional rulers, we are the father to all and in playing that role, we pray that there should be peace in this country. That is what we are preaching and it is very important to all of us to know that Nigeria is greater than any of us. So, we should continue to preach peace and identify with good things that will be beneficial to the nation. That is why we are here.”

Others on the entourage were the Alake of Egbaland,  Adedotu Aremu Gbadebo, Alaremore of Ido Osun, Oba Adedapo Aderemi and the Oloye of Oye, Ekiti, Michael Ademolaju.


  1. Abiodun Oni says

    My advice for APC and Buhari’s loyalists is in the book of Proverbs 14:7-8, ‘ walk away from the company of fools for you can’t find insight in their words; it takes wisdom for the clever to understand the path they are on, but the fools is deceived by his own foolishness ” ( the chief priests of lies in APC are, Thiefnubu and lie Mohammad)

  2. Fola Fola says

    The lagos tinubu looted and still looting.

  3. JohnBright-on Iduh says

    Tinubu no loot Lagos. Federal allocation was withheld till Fashola entered office

  4. Ezenwa Benzukkys says

    Dollar Man in the broom all are 419 but I, stand with you Atiku / Obi and PDP all the way to 2019

  5. Ayokunle Olaoye says

    Abiodun Oni Honestly my brother you needs this admonition more than any other person. Check your person and see why.

  6. Abiodun Oni says

    Thanks sir, if you’re a clever man, walk away from the company of fools

  7. Macson Balogun says

    Obj may’ve looted Nigeria, but Tinubu looted his own people directly, The greedy Political Frog looted Lagos State dry and he is still doing uptil today, himself and his illegitimate political children…Secondly, Lagos State in not the only state in South west that needs development? …your greedy Opolo eyes go clear very soon!…Southwest needs to be liberated from you.!

  8. Olusegun Faramade Fayigbe says

    Why didn’t you tell us this before? Same Tinubu led delegation of people to ask for Obasanjo’s support.

  9. Omole Stone OluwaNi says

    Lagos -Ota Road is typical example of OBJ failure…. Imagine a road to His Scam Farm dat built wit Operation feed the nation Money.

  10. Freeman Legacy says

    Abiodun Oni u just made use of Bible verses now and vulgar word comes out of ur lips, am still looking for name to call u…..

    This is an indication that not all person who use lord knows God

  11. Ibikunle Morouf says

    Abiodun Oni he who knows not and does not know that he knows not is a fool, you are the most mumu and fool I ever seen calling somebody like Tinubu a fool you need to go to psychartric hospital. And I pray you will never have somebody like Tinubu in your family, Amen

  12. Abiodun Oni says

    Freeman legacy, one things you people seem to have forgotten about the situated in Nigeria is, when you don’t know what might have made somebody to utter a vulgar utterance, you will want to condemn the person, if you are the type that quick to hear, but not slow to answer. Some one who take your job and he’s not giving you another job, as a matter of fact that person is a killer

  13. Bosun Animashaun says

    This guy no see free politician money chop again that’s why his full of sadness n look him face Oni leave politician alone and face you future

  14. Abiodun Oni says

    Bosun, I don’t depend on politician, if you care to listen. I do my hand work, but the policy of this lifeless government has turned things around for better (ironically)

  15. Kalu Idika says

    Tinubu is greedy a stainer of others’ to achieve his selfishness. Only a fool can listen tn his babbles in the nation’s affairs.

  16. Sam Eso says

    But there after this you gave the presidential ticket of your party then action Congress to atiku.Awa lode abi?

  17. Aiyemowa Eyiwumi says

    If you’re planning to vote for a Govt that is at war with Amnesty Intl, UNICEF, media houses like Premium times & Daily Trust, Judiciary & Legislators, that arrest & lock up Activists & critics but tolerate Fulani Herdsmen & Armed Bandits, you should reevaluate your life.

  18. Ojodale Samuel says

    Nothing like development in Lagos especially now unless for someone who has never been there. Hypocrisy.

  19. Oyedele Salami says

    Indeed,Chief,and u corner it treasury

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