Campaign against fake news

The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, needs be commended for  launching campaign against fake news, This is in recognition of the danger it can cause if left to spread unchecked.  Information is vital but wrong or incredible information is misleading and capable of causing mob action.

How Nollywood actor, Burger, died in Lagos

The media being source of information dissemination should cooperate in this regard by making sure that reporters imbibe the ethics of investigative journalism and be factual in their reports so as to curb the menace of fake news

And as the Nigerian political climate tenses as elections draw near, the ongoing campaign which is characterised by exchange of abusive words and this deflection syndrome typical of electioneering period should not be taken serious by people.

The electorate that have to be wise so as not to fall easy preys to looters and fake politicians. Voters’ powers are in their thumbs, they need to vote for the right candidates for good governance and enjoyment of dividends of democracy.

Fatai Adewuyi


  1. Mariam Nasiru says

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  2. Ayo Agala Ayo says

    Nigerans should better campaign against buhari bad goverment.

  3. Alexunique Gendary says

    Who is the author of fake news if not Liar Muhammad? #AFAU

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