BREAKING: CJN Onnoghen’s CCT trial stalled, Tribunal adjourns till January 22

The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) on Monday adjourned till January 22, the case against the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Walter Onnoghen, who was absent from the Monday’s proceedings.

The lead prosecuting counsel, Mr Aliyu Umar (SAN), had conceded as the trial was about to start that Onnoghen was not properly served with the charges and the summons.

Hence, the three-man team of the CCT led by Danladi Umar ruled that the tribunal would hear Onnoghen’s motion challenging the jurisdiction of the tribunal at the next proceedings fixed for January 22.

Umar having conceded that CJN Onnoghen was not personally served with the charges and the court’s summons as required by the law, requested the CCT to direct a fresh service on the CJN.

Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN), the lead counsel stood in defence of Onnoghen when the tribunal chairman for the reason Onnoghen was absent from court, as he said he (Onnoghen) needed not to be present as he had filed a motion to challenge the tribunal’s jurisdiction to try him.

Olanipekun further said his presence in court alongside others who came in defence of Onnoghen was to protest against the jurisdiction of the tribunal, as he also emphasised the fact that the CJN was not served with the charges and summons personally but through his aide.

Olanipekun thereby insisted that Onnoghen should be personally served, as that was required by law.

However, countering Olanipekun’s position. the prosecuting lawyer argued that the law only required the defendant to be aware of the pending charges, stating that it was the CJN’s choice to ask his aide to receive the charges and summons on his behalf.

  1. Kunle D Blow says

    The CJN has admitted to committing the crime. He claimed though, that he committed the crime by mistake. He did not declare his #171 million naira, and 55 houses.
    Is it wrong to ask him to resign? If as the CJN, he has admitted to being guilty, will it be morally right for him to seat atop the judiciary in the country? If his case is to be investigated by the NJC, he is the chairman of the NJC so, will he be investigating himself? The law says judges should be investigated by the NJC, the but did not say he shouldn’t be tried and did not even prescribe punitive measures to be taken by the NJC. Are we saying a dangerously corrupt CJN, should be in charge of the judiciary? What is hope of the commoners when our judges are at liberty to sell justice to the highest bidders?

  2. Andrew Smith says

    Pls send us d link where he admitted ….

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