Atiku sneaked into US,  Keyamo alleges

In spite of its declaration that the recent visit of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was a non-issue, the ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC), has continued to squeal against Atiku Abubakar’s trip.

The APC at the weekend alleged that the former vice-president sneaked into the United States of America.

Director, Strategic Communications, APC Presidential Campaign Council, Festus Keyamo, (SAN) in a statement last night claimed that the PDP presidential candidate sneaked into America under a “special diplomatic waiver”.

Keyamo further claimed that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s itinerary during the visit was shrouded in secrecy to his media aide in Nigeria and “the international media and correspondents required for such high profile visit.’

He said: “The visit had all the trappings of a fugitive sneaking into America under a “special diplomatic waiver”. For the candidate of the major opposition party in Nigeria, it is an absolute disaster that the visit was not announced ahead of time in Nigeria, with his programmes and itinerary clearly spelt out, the decent and customary minimum standard of such visits.

“This culminated in his close aides issuing conflicting statements about the visit when he was already on his way there. In fact, one of them called Paul Ibe actually spoke to the press that his principal was nowhere near America! Such was the secrecy of the planning and execution of that visit.

“It is shameful that a presidential candidate of a major opposition party in Africa’s most populous country would visit America, and the international press was kept in the dark: There was no single press conference with the array of international media and correspondents required for such ‘high-profile’ visit. Atiku knows he has no moral stamina to withstand the avalanche of hard questions bordering on his sordid past in America.

“In fact, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar claims he visited the Voice of America (VOA) but only did two carefully-packaged interviews with the Hausa service and the English to Africa program – platforms that have always been available to him back home.

“How strange! In fact, both the Twitter handle (@VOANews) and official website of VOA did not mention any such visit of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to their station. For news hounds, you would agree with us that such an ‘important personality’ cannot walk into a news premises without reporters swooping on him. Whatever he went to do in the premises of the VOA must have been a carefully-arranged private visit for the photo-ops, which was intended to scam Nigerians. What more evidence do we need of a “sneak-in-sneak-out” arrangement than this?”

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The Director, Strategic Communications, APC Presidential Campaign Council further argued that, “for a candidate who claims he wants to “get Nigeria working again” (a meaningless phrase) to sneak into America without meeting major players in private businesses is a curiosity and an indication that we are dealing with a candidate with a dodgy and questionable character. He claims he went to the U.S Chamber of Commerce, which is supposed to be a business federation. Again, the Twitter handle (@USChamber) and the website of the organisation made no mention of the visit of such an ‘important personality’ to them.

“It is also an anomaly that the candidate of the major opposition party in Nigeria sneaked into America and did not meet large sections of political leaders of similar ideologies and persuasions towards which he claims to be inclined. For all his claim to be going to America to meet “U.S Government officials”, he only succeeded in meeting a certain “Congressman Smith”, who is the equivalent of a member of the House of Representatives in Nigeria.

“You would agree with us that as dignified and respected as the office of a Member of the House of Representatives is, an important personality cannot come to Nigeria on an official visit and claim he has met the “Nigerian government officials” after he pays a private visit to that member. For all we know, Congressman Smith may just be a private friend of Dr Bukola Saraki or Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

“That reminds us of Atiku’s famous legislator friend he threw under the bus, Williams Jefferson, who taught us how to hide laundered money (which was meant for Atiku Abubakar) in the deep freezer when the cops came knocking on his door!”

“For the information of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his handlers, Nigerians know that Nigeria is already working again for everyone and not for a few. As confirmed by him in a town-hall meeting a few days before his disastrous trip to the U.S, he said he wants to “get Nigeria working again” only for few of his friends who he claims he wants to make rich.

“If he cannot get them rich now from his private businesses, it is obvious that he is referring to the use of public funds to make his friends rich. Nigerians should judge for themselves whether this is the type of President they want.”

  1. Olaleye Emmanuel Olusegun says

    Keyamo is a fool,Atiku sneak to US didn’t he apply for a VISA?

  2. Patrick Ikenna says

    Keyamo, I am beginning to doubt your SAN title. You are a huge joke. What do you mean sneak?

  3. Laquinta Assor says

    Keyamo u don’t have shame

  4. Fredrick Preye says

    Meaning America is not safe abi? Us will surely reply you

  5. Aliasau Azeez Kehinde says

    Ganjar man

  6. Dave Osas Osaretin says

    Disgusting fool

  7. Sammy Young says

    Meaning terrorist can sneak in anytime too or immigrants come in anytime… That Keyamo no know wetin dey do am, he need medical checkup…

  8. Obi Ekene says

    Another lie mohammed in the making

  9. Sunmoon Omokayode Baseer says

    If like make he sneaks to hell. I care less.
    Sai Baba
    Next level for sure

  10. Orji Valentine says

    When you try to defend this administration you lose you sanity. Thats the case of keyamo since he join Apc. Apc is a bad product and buhari is a colossal mistake of 2015. Lets end this madness by voting massively for Atikuchukwu. Any vote against Atiku is a vote for buhari.

  11. Chuks Eva Nnabuike says

    Keyamo Kolomental…. KK.. is time up for blames!

  12. Ezebulum Chika says

    So USA have porous border like nigeria

  13. Moruf Ogunsola says

    mad dog you have started barking again shame on you idiot so he sneaks in and stayed in the hotel of Donald Trump useless lawyer

  14. Solomon Joe says

    Keep fooling yourself ….

  15. Murphy Ade says

    Keyamo something is wrong with your brain I can see

  16. Mohammed Ashiru Isah says

    This man is going mad

  17. Isaac Dozie says

    My grandmother use to say passing six is not passing sense. Keyamo is a case study.

  18. John Okoh says

    He should be stripped of the SAN title. Its a disgrace, party affairs apart.

  19. Ajiroghene John Sunday says

    Help me ask the idiot inSANe

  20. Peter Otubu says

    Do you think America is like Nigeria? Have you been to the USA before, America home security is always alert 24hrs, why do speak like someone who has not been to the four walls of a school “keyamo “

  21. Bolaji Temidayo Ojo says

    you surname now is lie kayamo…

  22. Faloye Olayinka says

    I call on all the agent in charge of arresting all the people taking hard drug.keyamo is a casd study.

  23. Okosodo Andrew Oseiwe says

    It’s not easy defending a worthless govt. Every time you have to look, sound and reason stupidly like this Festus Keyamo is doing.

  24. Uzoma Micheal Sunday says

    The second graduate from lia mohamade institute of liars

  25. Adebayo Kazeem Bamidele says

    This is kind of message you hear from someone who is high in smoking weeds and drugs. Shiooor

  26. Harry Wilson says

    frm wich airport?

  27. Abiodun Olatunji Adeniran says

    Who will cure Keyamo’s rare madness?

  28. Ojedokun Sunday says

    Mumu keyamo

  29. Sho Kayode says

    We should all sneak to USA then. Who Naija Epp

  30. Debo Olusanya says

    Keyamo your children are watching your say and wondering what sort of lying and useless father they have bc of money loosing his head Lord have mercy

  31. Akpovwovwo Smart says

    Are u kidding me?? After 9/11 no one sneak into US oh …RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Olukitibi Olabanji Mykel says

    This they disgrace lawyer o . Us be like Yaba way person go snick enter . small this go talk say somebody bribe God o .

  33. Ayomi M Jehosaphat says

    if there is nothing to say, oga keyamo keep quiet. Your eyes will soon clear

  34. Ige Adubi Ajiyo says


  35. Honourable Sunday Peters says

    Many people have been trying to get usa visa to no avail… Please teach them how to sneak in ….maybe PDP have looted his sense of reasoning

  36. Francis Ubong says

    US Is Not like A Country govern By the Most Clueless Government On earth where every ant and Cocroach sneak in and out

  37. Binuyo Adewale says

    sneak or no sneak . He cannot go to USA he has gone and come back. Tell us another story. The story tellers.

  38. Mohammed Gimba says

    Keyamo pls keep quiet bcoz ur talk is not making any sense

  39. Kayode Masha says

    Kayamo speaking for a fake Buhari. 2nd Buhari of Aso Rock
    KAYAMO you are not blind.

  40. Osunlalu Abiodun says

    Could this be the same Keyamo ?

  41. Kaycee A. Ajaero says

    That is an insult to US security settings keyamo INFACT that’s a hate speech

  42. MozChris Nwofufe says

    Is US not a country like Nigeria? Why can’t Keyamo tell Nigerians what apc govt has done to merit another term if he knows his job.

  43. Kayode Masha says

    Mr Sanders of Nigeria .

  44. Adeniyi Kolawole Adedeji says

    Another Lie Mohammed of apc is keyamo who suddenly lose his sense of reasoning due to buhari. Devilish buhari try sha!

  45. Nnanna Aarons says

    You are a very foolish shameless arrogant idiot who doesn’t know what to say

  46. James Daramola says

    You should be ashamed of urself for this ur statement. US no be Naija o.

  47. Onah Raphael says

    US is not Nigeria my brother

  48. Daro Sunday says

    Why not try!

  49. Olalekan Adeyemi says

    Weed man

  50. Ezenwa Benzukkys says

    Dollar Man in the broom all are 419 but I, stand with you Atiku / Obi and PDP all the way to 2019

  51. Inuen Ekom says

    If it is possible to sneak into US, with this hardship in Buhari government Nigeria would have been empty by now.

  52. Ify Henri says

    Inuen Ekom bros, your reply win award o

  53. Olusegun Faramade Fayigbe says

    Substantiate your position. He sneaked how?

  54. Inuen Ekom says

    Ify Henri, thanks.

  55. So Keyamo vomit more rubbish and propaganda than Lie Mohammed ! So money can make an educated lawyer quickly lost his brain instead of adding to his value. Unbelievable!!

  56. Prince Peters says

    He needs a doctor!

  57. Casmir Sampson says

    Please Keyamo I want to tell you that US is not Nigeria that have no security, you can’t sneak into US by any means. So Mr Keyamo I want you to spend your time to tell us what you have done for the past three years, rather than attacking personality.

  58. Alagbe John Adetunji says

    Next level

  59. Yemi Adekanmbi says

    Me: Your headache!

  60. Prince Adebayo Adedayo says

    Sneaked? I guess dat should through BRT or KEKE MARUWA not plane…… Both options might not have the opportunity to land in American airport, else FESTUS is just kidding us

  61. Olufemi Aderibigbe says

    Mr Keyamo, you’re making us to believing that Buhari is the best President, thanks so much. May your life and that of your unborn generation be govern the way Buhari is governing Nigeria. A big AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Nnaemeka Tochukwu says

    smoking of weed bad oo

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