Buhari to EU observers: I’m impressed with INEC’s preparation

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday expressed satisfaction with the preparations made by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the forthcoming general elections.

Mr Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, in a statement, said the president made his feelings known when he met with members of the European Union Observer Mission (EOM) to Nigeria’s elections starting in February, at the State House, Abuja.

The President also told the EOM, led by the Chief Observer and member of the European Parliament, Maria Arena that he was optimistic that the electoral body would deliver on its mandate of a credible poll.

Buhari said he had listened earlier in the day, to the INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, when he briefed the National Council of State.

He said: “I am happy and impressed with the briefing he gave. I hope that the confidence he exuded and the intellect he brought to bear on the report will be justified at the end of the day.”

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The President told the EU delegation that Nigeria had grown its electoral system incrementally, getting better year after year.

“Having participated in elections four times in the past, I would say that since 2015, technology has helped the credibility of our elections,” he said.

Buhari said that Nigeria with over 250 cultural groups across religions and ethnic groups, with each group canvassing for identity and primacy in the affairs of the nation, “patriotism demands that we identify the nation’s best interest and go with it.”

He stressed that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) administration had the good sense of identifying the national interest to include security, peace and stability, improved economy, jobs creation and the campaign against corruption.

He noted that the party was not wrong in 2015, and is not wrong going into the election this year with the same issues in its campaigns.

The President thanked the delegation for taking interest in Nigeria’s elections, and in the affairs of the nation generally.

The EOM team, accompanied by Amb. Ketil Karlsen, Head, European Delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS, said that the EU had observed every election in Nigeria since 1999, and had come here again for the next one, following an invitation by INEC.

The delegation promised impartiality and neutrality in the monitoring of the elections.

  1. Lucky John Osagie says

    Is it you that should be impressed or observers? Olodo

  2. Ameh Enemona Johnson says

    (Zion partners place, 23 mafoluku oshodi Lagos)


    Greetings to you sir, I must commend your love and effort to reposition this country since independent in your own ways, However I am compelled to write you this letter for reasons which are stated below, though it’s never an attempt to insult your personality and should not be interpreted as such, whereas any part which could be misunderstood as such is not in my view to do so.
    1. As a respond to your latest outburst on President Buhari who has been ordained and anointed as a true messiah of this nation.
    2. That you should prepare yourself on a reminder as a Christian, that one day you will face the white throne judgment of God, where no bribe is taken nor given and give account of all your deeds on this nation while alive.
    3. As a warning not to interfere in God’s ordained project (Buhari) in using the week to shame the presumed strong in the restoration of hope to this nation.
    4. That President Buhari life is not in your hand but God.
    5. For records and posterity purposes.
    Sir, like Joseph in the scripture according to Genesis 41:39-44, who was sold as slave but later taken to prison, there God who sees ahead of time, brought him out, made him a prime minister all to save his people from terrible famine that was about to come, Joseph technically and strategically saved enough food stuff which was eventually in abundance during the famine season. Through the hand of Joseph God saved his people from famine.
    Sir God brought you out of prison in the order of Joseph, but unfortunately you were a great disappointment to God and the entire body of Christ. During your reign as democratically elected president of this country, you intentionally refused to put the nation on the right path, despite the fact that your 8years in office was a period of oil boom (abundance), you ignored the divine assignment of saving the nation on which God brought you and began to pursue your personal objectives, which is the main reason Nigeria went through recession which could have been avoided if only you acted accordingly.

    Sir, believe me, God is actively involved in the search of a true, servant, trusted and reliable leader to pilot the affairs of this great nation, Nigeria.

    On this note, He has decided to bring-in Gen. Buhari whose story could only be likened to that of King David in the Bible. David was in a far away field taking care of sheep, God sent for him to be anointed as king over Israel. God then make it very clear “touch not my anointed” (psalms 105:15) meaning, whoever touched God anointed touches God himself. No one dears God and escape punishment, ask King Herod, ask King Pharaoh, ask Haman, ask King Ahab. President Buhari was a Nomadic shepherd who takes care of sheep and cows, on whom the order of king David anointing has been placed with a divine task of rescuing this nation from the claws of political parasites, grasshoppers and caterpillars who has destroyed this nation intentionally on the altar of selfishness and greediness.

    Sir, who says and it come to pass when God has not commanded it. You are not God and can never be; therefore do not talks like God for tomorrow belong to God alone.
    Finally sir, for your information all the ganging up against President Mohammed Buhari is on the path of destruction. Many things have been done secretly in the time past to eliminate Him, but God kept him healthy and stronger.
    Baba Iyabo as you are called, like Saul (1 Samuel 16:14) the spirit of God that brought you from prison has departed from you, an evil spirit from the Lord, the spirit of vagabond is troubling you, no wonder you kept writing unguarded letter of pretence to provoke public anger on a seating president the chosen of the Lord. Mind you, God is angry with you better amend your ways before facing the white throne judgment.
    The truth must be told, and you know the raw truth, that all this gang-up of generals are not to the best interest of Nigerians.
    For the forth coming election, President Mohammed Buhari will definitely win, he is on divine assignment. No more will evil triumph over good in this nation, for the sake of the elect, Nigerian will not be doomed again.
    Change has come, we all must embrace it. No wonder Job cried: (Job14:14) all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.
    Yes, the real goodly change is here, we have endured and waited enough in prayers and supplications, Buhari has brought the change, no longer business as usual.
    We all should support the change agenda else we all will live to regret it.
    Nigeria will succeed!
    Best regard.

  3. Zanra Maina says

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  4. Victor Edos says

    Really? This man is Just too evil

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