Buhari’s government lacks integrity, condones corruption ― Saraki

· Marafa faults Saraki’s figures on oil importation

Senate President Bukola Saraki has carpeted President Muhammadu Buhari for lacking the much-trumpeted integrity adding that the management of fuel subsidy regime was enough to pooh-pooh the President’s integrity.

The Senate President, who appeared in an interview session on the Africa Independent Television(AIT) on Wednesday, said that the much-vaunted integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari cannot be substantiated in view of his performance in the last three years.

According to him, the management of fuel subsidy payments put serious question marks on Buhari’s integrity adding that whereas the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan was accused of condoning corruption when it based subsidy claims on 30 million daily fuel consumption, Buharis government had based daily fuel consumption at 50 million.

He stated that massive fraud had dominated the management of fuel subsidy regime despite repeated calls by the National Assembly for openness.

He said that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), was cheating Nigerians with not less than N1billion daily from the amount meant for the subsidy.

He said: “In 2011, one of the major issues of departure with the former President, Goodluck Jonathan on the issue of integrity and corruption, was on false subsidy. Remember I got up and raised a motion on the floor of the Senate that a government, saying that could allow over N1trillion on false subsidy in the opaque and non-transparent manner it was going, especially when we knew that a lot of money that was being spent, was being siphoned, because the country was not consuming the amount of volumes that were being registered; that time, they were registering 30million litres on PMS (Premium Motor Spirit).

“But experts had done an analysis to show that there was no way Nigerians could consume 30million litres. Therefore, people like myself, that was where we departed, how we labelled Jonathan’s government as corrupt.

“Now, it is shocking and alarming that the fuel subsidy matter is worse today. Instead of 30million, the government is saying that we’re consuming 50million litres. And we know it’s not true. So, money is being siphoned. So, even if you say that Jonathan was corrupt for fuel subsidy that he was doing at 30million litres, today’s government that is doing 50million litres, what do you call it?

“The worst is that till now, they’re doing it without appropriation. So, my conclusion is that you cannot give them integrity. You cannot. We (Senate), have cried out over these issues, but we have got stonewall. For two years, I have maintained my argument with the executive that you cannot do this. You have to bring this for appropriation.

“We set up a committee to look at it, but in a government, where agencies under the executive are encouraged not to respond or made to understand that they are accountable to the National Assembly, is a challenge. We have done our own part to raise it and to say this can’t continue.

“You talk about integrity, you cannot talk of integrity about a government that allows this to go on. As I said, about Jonathan, we all cried corruption, it was largely on the issue, because when we talk that the country is losing money, the greatest culprit is NNPC. When you are losing about N1billion on a daily basis, in a government that is claiming to be fighting corruption, then it raises a big question.

“Subsidy, on its own is not where the fraud is, if managed transparently and efficiently. But where Nigerians are being told that they consume 50million litres a day, is the issue, because it is a lie. We don’t consume that much. So, that money must be going somewhere. The volumes involved are huge.

“So, the point is that in 2015, this was what we used to assess that Jonathan’s government was corrupt. So, our problem is that it has not got better and we expect it to be better under a government that every minute is claiming to have integrity, it has not got better, it has got worse.”

But the Chairman, Senate Committee on Petroleum (Downstream), Senator Kabiru Marafa faulted Saraki’s claims in an interview with Senate correspondents on Wednesday.

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Senator Marafa said in an interview that findings by his committee revealed that Nigerians are not consuming more than 30 million of litres of fuel per day.

He also said it was not possible for the nation to spend up to N2.4bn ever day to subsidise fuel.

He said: “It is not possible to spend N2.4bn on subsidy in Nigeria every day. Even though we don’t have the exact figure but it ranges between 25 to 35 million per day, depending on the circumstances.

“Even if we are selling 30 million litres per day at N145 per litre, it will amount to N4.3bn. If you say that government is subsidizing by N2.4bn, are we saying that government is selling at half of the amount?

“The landing cost of PMS (Petrol) is N180 that means the government is subsidizing maximum N40 naira per litre. If you multiply that with 30 million litres, it cannot be up to N2.4bn.

“I don’t want to join issues with the Senate President. I don’t know the particular committee he mandated to carry out his investigations but if he said so, it must be for the purpose of winning elections.

“From the records at my disposal, Nigeria is not consuming 5o million litres per day. It is not possible. Even if the nation is paying subsidy at all, it is being taken from the running cost of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.”

  1. Egbugwo Iykedan says

    apc call corruption integrity

  2. Surajo Mohd says

    You’re lying old demon

  3. Salam Mudashiru says

    What about u thief saraki

  4. Adebimpe Ajibola says

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  5. Sanni Lukman says

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  9. George Oluwaniyi says

    Nigerians done suffer in the hands of these looters. See this Oga dey talk about corruption too

  10. Imam AbdulGaffar Saad Jawondo says

    Listen to oponu
    If buhari condoned corruption you will remain in Apc because corruption is your hobby

  11. Nnanna Aarons says

    Why is it that Nigerians hate truth with passion, nah wah oooo

  12. Mohammed Musa says

    saraki is the most corrupt man in government today, may he not be re-elected by the kwarans

  13. Prince Oloyede Emmanuel says

    Animal, are you not part of his government. O TO GEE

  14. Olubunmi Ola says

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  15. Abdullahi Shuaibu says

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  18. James Haruna says

    #The Hypocrisy of FG, Keyamo and APC#

    As EFCC Prosecutor, on February 2 at the Federal High Court, Abuja, the Spokesperson of Buhari’s Campaign, Festus Keyamo filed two counts charge of fraud against the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Danladi Umar.

    Keyamo claimed in the charge that the CCT Chairman collected N10 million from Rasheed Taiwo, a former Customs official who was facing false assets declaration charges before the Code of Conduct Tribunal sometimes in 2012.

    Keyamo also accused Danladi Umar of receiving N1.8 million of the N10 million bribe sum through one of his personal assistants, Gambo Abdullahi.

    #Today, the CCT Chairman is still presiding over cases, including the one against CJN Walter Onnoghen.

    The same FG and APC goons asking Onnoghen to RESIGN did not remember to ask the CCT Chairman to step aside too.

  19. Ahmed Kayode Yusuf says

    Whistle blower

  20. Owoseni Oluwaseyi Paul says

    A thief is free to name another thief.

    Let buhari defend himself.

  21. OlaSunkanmi Oluwasanmi says

    Same same both APC and PDP

  22. Tony Ephraim says

    The voice of corruption.

  23. Victor Emeka says

    Leave the message and focus on the messenger. The fact that men like Abba kyari, ganduje and other long lines of looters shouting sai baba. It shows buhari is a lover of corruption as long as you are in his party.

  24. Theresa Kuma says

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  25. Charles Merah says

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  28. Omololu Suleiman says

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  29. Theresa Kuma says

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  30. Paul Mamza says

    Buhari has no single project or achievement
    , except commissioning of an already
    commissioned projects, lies and propaganda
    , rigging of elections, nepotism
    , gross insensitivity and insecurity,
    injustice, impunity and incompetence.
    Nigerians must vote out Buhari in 2019.

  31. Abdul Emmanuel says

    See who is talking about corruption, Saraki is the King of corruption

  32. Felix Thomas Esezobor says

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  33. Kayode Ojo Komolafe says

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  34. Sheun Adeuyi says

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  35. Victor Akpan says

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  36. Theresa Kuma says

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  38. Theresa Kuma says

    We stand by one Nigeria.Take it or leave it

  39. Taiwo Olutunde Nelson says

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  41. Ibraheem Adesanya says

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  45. Onasanya Adekunle Adebowale says

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  46. Oladayo Olagbaju says

    Sixteenth febuary is around the corner….you’ll be dazed.Sai baba joor.

  47. Theresa Kuma says

    Atiku said Buhari is not a Fulani man,Hes so childish. Atiku migrated from Niger and his parents settled in Adamawa. Let’s judge theirvappearances. Atiku, learn from the mistake of 2015 .Stop showcasing PMB n sell yourself to Nigerians.

  48. Enya Eni says

    You are part of Buhari’s government.

  49. Yusuf Abubakar says

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  50. Theresa Kuma says

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  51. Anita Odiete says

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  59. Prince Oloyede Emmanuel says

    Wait and see your boss and your mentor fallout by February. Bird of the same feather.

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  71. Asember Jerry says

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  72. Abu Julaibib says

    Rigging hasn’t started with APC , is part and parcel of PDP. People like U who have lost it already, what good can they see in this Government. Let Nigerians decide, you are not the one to give that advice they know their rights.

  73. Amen Henry says

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  74. Obanigba Ayowale says

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  78. Umar Idris says

    Is quite unfortunate for pdp government to trained our national law makers on how to collect bribe before passing budget. Oknjo I. said and I quote ‘we bribe national assembly members 17b naira before passing 2015 budget’ Buhari can never do that and that is why you guys want eat him alive. God is powerful than all of you.

  79. Ahundeshima Uhembe says

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  80. Koye 'Adeniji' Edrah says

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  81. Onu Promise Onyinyechukwu says

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  82. AK Ibrahim says

    Prince, pls do’t reply such ppl u are above that. Who and who makes a givernment? Primarily the 3 arms, and who is heading one? So Dogara and Saraki are iliterates of their position y becouse, it was never their’s. The day they were swear in through their dobious means the day we lost fucus as a nation

  83. Musa Limjiwogold Muh'd says

    Because they spare u abi? Idiot they for use u as scapegoat.

  84. Wahab Jubril says

    The great grandfather of Corruption Era is Talking,Saraki of All people,some days to go,when men will be differentiate from Boys.Gbam.

  85. Prince Oloyede Emmanuel says

    @ AK Ibrahim, May God be with you my brother. God will silent them one by one.

  86. Ozor Byron Noel says

    Sir, you are truly right!
    There’s nothing holistic about the fight against corruption it’s truly a sham!

  87. Sahabo Dangaladima says

    Yes you at liberty to say so because CJN saved you in a Nigerian way from being send to jail by CCT.

  88. Olatunbosun Ayinla says

    This Man needs psychiatric re- evaluation!

  89. Etafoh Sony says

    Nigeria political class lack integrity

  90. John Mathew says

    Mesunjamba an epitome of corruption himself

  91. Charles Dajazko says

    But u are part of the government from day one before you betrayed them…..you are one of those who spoilt Buhari government bro

  92. AK Ibrahim says


  93. James Dada says

    The most dangerous man in kwara

  94. Fapounda Samuel Abiodun says

    It’s true the most corrupt government in Nigeria history

  95. Paul Mamza says

    Buhari has no single project or achievement
    , except commissioning of an already
    commissioned projects, lies and propaganda
    , rigging of elections, nepotism
    , gross insensitivity and insecurity,
    injustice, impunity and incompetence.
    Nigerians must vote out Buhari in 2019.

  96. Mueez Kiyomi says

    Adeuyi wat a pity,whr was he bfo,or u tink he has integrity dats y he left d party…who are those sabotaging d government if not him,u come here to open ur dirty mouth and dumb brain to say wat u Don’t Kno..

  97. Austin Olusegun Olusola says

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  98. Ayinde Olayinka says

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  99. King Abiola Hameed says

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  104. Shonekan Olawale says

    When You are in APC , most of the good Bills that favour common man you guys frustrated it now when you now defect to PDP you now condemn APC WHO IS DECEIVING WHO?

  105. Olabode Asimiyu Akolawole says

    The leader of Thieves. and godfather of thugs

  106. Mamman Audu says

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  107. James Haruna says

    Mamman Audu defend it. Not everybody can be hypnotized as you know.

  108. Tpl Idowu David Busayo says

    Says who?

  109. Igbenijie Akhigbe says

    When you have cases of corruption against you

  110. Elasam Ghedo says

    Pay back time for him

  111. Samson Omosanya says

    See who is talking.

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