TETFund: Why I was sacked by Buhari — Baffa reveals

THE sacked Executive Secretary of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TeTFund), Abdullahi Baffa, has alleged that he was sacked by President Muhammadu Buhari over an accusation from the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, that he collected bribes from tertiary institutions.

Baffa was sacked on Monday by President Buhari and replaced with Prof Suleiman Bogoro, who was earlier sacked from the same position in 2016.

Baffa speaking with the BBC Hausa on Wednesday alleged that Adamu sent a contractor to place three different accusations against him.

Baffa speaking on the allegations said: “He mentioned the first, the second; and the third one, he said I distributed over N200 billion to tertiary institutions.”

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“(He said) even if I used to collect at least 10 per cent as a kickback, I am supposed to have gotten at least N20 billion for myself.”

However, Baffa denied collecting kickbacks from any institution that TETFund distributed money to.

“I want to say here now that I have never asked any institution to give anything as kickback and if there is, let that school come forward.

“If they bring any evidence indicting me, I’m ready to accept death punishment,” Baffa said.

Baffa alleged that Adamu on several occasions accused him of insubordination for addressing press conferences without his consent.

The Minister could not be reached for a reaction to Baffa’s allegations but the Deputy Director of Information, Federal Ministry of Education, Ben Bem Goong, when contacted declined to comment.

He said: “No comment and this is official”.

Meanwhile, President Buhari has been applauded for the reinstatement of Prof Suleiman Elias Bogoro as the Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund following the removal of Baffa, on Monday.


  1. Ahoton Paul Menapo Kolawole says

    Buhari Knw Dat U Ar Strong Man

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  3. Nura Muhammad says

    Baffa Bichi, the former boss of TETFUND, didn’t probably read Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power. You can’t start a battle of supremacy with your boss without ultimately becoming a victim of your own naivety. According to Greene, you can’t attempt to outshine the master without becoming a victim of his insecurity. Conformity is the only tool of survival in government. You can’t strictly live by your principles and survive in government. No wonder even Professors defend absurdities once they are in government in order to survive. Men of principles would rather resign than do things against their consciences and convictions.

  4. Itodo Victor Gabriel says

    Story medicine after death…..were you get 200m to bribe even the nnpc MD can’t avoid to give such out

  5. Sadiq Ajiya Mubi says

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  6. Agm Greenman says


    It is apc’s handwork to use social media to blackmail all political enemies. Buhari’s APC is made up of clueless but professional criminals whose sole responsibility in the past 4years had been to persecute all their political enemies.

    0. CJN:
    i. is a successful professional
    ii. Practiced law for 39years now
    iii. Is a constitutional lawyer
    iv. Is a justice
    v. was not a poor man when made CJN
    vi. Has never be caught or tried in any court for criminal offense.
    Constitutional lawyers are among the richest.
    Are lawyers forbidden to do business? Is it a crime for lawyers to do business?

    1. Buhari’s apc presents CJN’s money in his account to the public as if the man stole the money from their treasury or from nigeria’s, because they think that we will fall for large sums of money. Yet, there is still no evidence that he stole the money.

    2. they deny the fact that this is a justice who has practiced law for more than half of his life.

    3. Where is the evidence that this man stole the money that they froze in his account? They have no moral justification to freeze his account when there are no evidences.

    4. What moral authority does Buhari’s apc have to expose CJN’s bank and amount therein, to the public? Was it to buy the sympathy of Nigerian in this election season?

    5. Was CJN caught in any corruption scandal like Ganduje, lawal, maina, baru, etc? What is the FG’s basis for publicizing CJN’s bank account and money therein? Buhari had shared from dasuki’s loot. Remember when Buhari said that he got 2 jeeps and not $300,00usd from dasuki. Today dasuki is in prison and Buhari is president.

    6. Where is the law that categorically states that undeclared assets are automatically stolen or looted assets? If there is such a law, then buhari with his family members must be held accountable for keystone and 9mobile and Buhari’s wife (Aisha buhari) must be made to explain the where about of N2.5 billion naira in which her ADC stole. Buhari and his son must also be made to account for the power bike his son bought @ $157,000 usd, when we all know that Buhari had only 150 cows.

    7. Why is Buhari’s APC publicizing and persecuting the CJN as if he was caught looting? When all we know is an undeclared asset, ……and other looters are running free in the state.

    8. Who will want to declare all his assets to such a corrupt government like buhari’s apc? You declare your assets they loot it for you, you don’t declare your assets they still loot it from you, just to force you to decamp to their useless, clueless corrupt apc. Abacha looted Nigeria dry, buhari came back to recover Abacha’s loot. Today, Abacha’s loot has been relooted by buhari and his APC.

    9. a. You criticize their bad policies, they call it hate speech
    b. You rebuke them for nepotism, tyranny, bigotry, marginalization, etc, they label you as a looter.
    c. You refuse to join them, they send EFCC after you.
    d. You loot and then join them, they declare you a saint.
    e. Meanwhile the real people fighting corruption are constantly being persecuted, such as Former TETFUND executive secretary Abdullahi Baffa, who says that he was sacked due to his refusal to offer part of the money meant for tertiary institutions to education minister Adamu Adamu, meaning that education minister demanded N200million naira bribe from him.

    10. They said that they noticed that the CJN did not declare all his assets. This according to them, is his only crime. To be a logical, it means they noticed that he had more than what he declared and that is all. There are no evidences that he looted nigeria’s money like other ‘saints’ have done and his sincerity has tortured them so much that they don’t believe how he could be so sincere.

    11. Notice that Buhari’s APC did not realize that the CJN did not declare all his assets until one month to election, why? Why didn’t they verify him before confirming him as CJN? Now we see that FG is at fault.

    12. while FG is yet to answer these questions, they persecute him. They persecute the CJN because he is a southerner and a sincere man who is unwilling to make a deal with the devil to declare Buhari winner of 2019 election when he Rigs election, bearing in mind also that buhari is not qualified to contest in this election because he is a criminal. Buhari has forged waec certificate on two different ocasaions in plain sight of all Nigerians and nothing has happened.

    13. Osibanjo says that the Buhari is not aware of CJN’s blackmail. Of course Buhari is not aware because Buhari is now a weak old senile retired general, who now relies on the cabals to run the government and the country for him and run his life too. He also has hearing problem and comprehension problem. One would need to repeat himself/herself a million to him. His attention span is now a fraction of a second. His speech is not coordinated. Old age and senility has eaten up buhari.. We saw all these in “the candidates” moderated by kadaria Ahmed, at a town hall meeting on 16th jan, 2019. Watch the video on YouTube again……so appalling and woeful!

    14. Buhari slips, slumps and faints during campaigns because he has no strength left. He is old and weak. Watch how he calls delta state APC Gov. Candidate, “presidental candidate.” Despite being corrected many times. Buhari cannot be aware of anything anymore. The cabal is now running the country.


  7. Obanigba Ayowale says

    Why you did not record ur conversation and the person he sent to you. Flimsy excuses

  8. Adams Iliya says

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  9. Olanrewaju Tola Abiodun says

    Obanigba Ayowale opo Yoruba Lori won ti daru bi ti iwo onikokuko yi. Someone that was reinstated last week, who was sharing the reason he was sacked in the first place. If it was fool like you the rubbish writer, you would have tell the world the reason why you are been sacked the very first day you are stacked.

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