AMVCA 2017 Best Comedy Act Winner, Samuel Ajibola, set to introduce new comedy skit series ‘Dele Issues’


AMVCA 2017 best comedy act winner (M-NET Recognition Award), Samuel Ajibola, popularly known for his role as Spiff in the TV series ‘The Johnsons’ has announced the release of his upcoming comedy web series titled ‘Dele Issues’ (Daily Issues) set to drop on Friday, March 10, 2017.

The series revolves around the main character, Dele, his daily awkward encounters – causing him to make some decisions, which are sometimes rather ridiculous. The series is laced with satire to make it effortlessly hilarious.

Speaking on the introduction of the series, Ajibola commented; “The idea behind Dele Issues is quite simple. He is an ordinary guy who encounters extraordinary situations from time to time. He is sometimes forced to make rather awkward decisions through his ordeals. He is a character everyone out there can relate with regardless of their social class. It’s definitely something to watch out for.”

The episodes will be released twice every month; the second and last Friday of every month.

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