Those who say I’m dating my marketer are ignorant —Kenny George


UK-based Nollywood actress, Kenny George is one of the fast-rising movie producers in the country. She has had her fair share of controversies, but the actress said she would continue to concentrate on her career. She speaks with SEGUN ADEBAYO in this interview.


Your acting career is rising fast and you seem to be enjoying the attention and fame that come with it. How do you see your new status?

One thing that has inspired me to keep doing this is my family. The kind of love and support I get from them has been tremendous. I also love the way my fans have supported me. So I am glad about how things have turned out for me..


Getting to this level must have come with its high and low moments but you have scaled through the hurdles, what would you say has worked for you till date?

There have been many hurdles to overcome, but one thing that kept me going was the fact that I had motivators  surrounding me my marketer that believes so much in me and the crew I work with.


Talking about marketers, some of your colleagues believe that marketers ruined the industry with their interference in movie making, do you see it that way?

Personally, I believe that nobody is the same including marketers. And, as for me, I’ve worked with different marketers and I still have no regrets. So I can’t see it from your own point of view.


What exactly led you into acting?

Well many things inspired me to go into acting, although, I would have to say that it was my love of stories. I was a movie producer before I entered the world of acting.


How did you raise money to produce movies; it is believed that some actresses date marketers to fund their movies?

I believe that anyone who wants to fulfil her dreams would not need to use lies body. If you truly believe in something, it shall be given onto you.

However, I can tell you that I have received financial help from my loving husband and marketer. They have supported me all the way through my career.


In that wise you are currently dating a marketer or let me say you are married to a marketer?

You must have misinterpreted my response. I am married and there with three kids, whilst my marketer is only my business partner. I apologise if you were misinformed. Those who say I am dating my marketer are ignorant.


 You have been in the UK for sometime; why the long stay?

I have lived in the UK since 1991, so I am basically based here. The only reason I travel to Nigeria is to produce a movie.


How would you rate the acceptance level of Nigerian movies, especially the Yoruba version abroad?

In our society today, I still feel that the success of Nigerian movies abroad is not great. This is because it has not been introduced abroad in a professional manner.


Do you think staying abroad and coming home to produce movies has helped your career?

In some aspects it has, as most of my supporters are based in diaspora.


You are a producer, actress and writer, how do you juggle all of these?

It’s a very difficult task, but I I am able to cope it because of the passion I have for the job.


They say moviemaking does not pay the bills for most of you. For somebody like you that comes home to produce movies, how do you make your profit?

Unfortunately, I can’t actually disclose that information to you. However, I can say that I am not suffering from a loss.


 In your few years in the movie industry, what would you say is the most challenging part of being famous.

One thing I find challenging is the negativity within the media. This includes bloggers who find it necessary to post false news about people, just so that they can promote their page.


So you have had your fair share of bad media?

Yes…obviously and I think most people have had theirs too.


Tell us about the experience?

They published a news about me  sometimes last year regarding me and my producer, which actually turned to be a false story.


Some people believe there is an element of truth in the story, giving the fact that you have a closely-knitted relationship with him. How do you react to that?

The only relationship between us was strictly business.


What project are you working on?

I am currently working on a new project entitled “OGA” (chameleon)


What informs the kind of script you write?

I pick up a title and I build up a story around it


How easy is it for you to write your stories? How do you draw the inspiration?

I draw the inspiration from the events occurring around me.

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